30 things that immediately repel a man, even if you're damn attractive


Ideal ideal women do not exist, no matter how much men would dream about it. In addition, with these ladies are probably more often bored than interesting. A man will think about the one that is in something special. Maybe it's an external trait or a habit.

But there are things that a man is automatically “disconnected” from a girl. And she admits these things herself. Here is a list of 30 female habits, because of which a man is ready to even part. If any of the above is observed for you, do not let this destroy your relationship.

1. When a woman speaks badly about everyone - even about her closest friends, with whom she is very sweet in person.

2. When a woman considers any other woman as her potential rival.

3. When a woman teases her chosen one with something that can hurt his manhood (for example, with a bald patch on his head).

4. When the girl becomes ridiculously drunk, sloppy and frankly mean.

5. When a woman is too early in a relationship touches the subject of children.

6. When she has no idea what is happening in the world, regardless of whether it is related to politics or gossip about celebrities.

7. When a girl looks in the mirror every five seconds.

8. When a woman constantly looks at her phone, when her chosen one talks to her.

9. When her personal hygiene suffers and there is bad breath.

10. When she considers every man passing by.

11. When a woman speaks about herself without asking a single question to a man.

12. When her life completely revolves only around her chosen one (or men, as a whole).

13. When she interrupts her partner every time he starts a conversation.

14. When a woman cannot write or formulate a grammatically correct sentence.

15. When she keeps making selfies and makes her man join her, even when he is not in the mood.

16. When a girl hates animals and gets scared when a dog or cat is near.

17. When a woman sleeps with everyone, even if it is an “exceptional relationship.”

18. When she does not even have clear goals for the near future.

19. When she claims to be “fine,” although she is clearly very angry.

20. When a woman is furious if her chosen one wants to spend time with her friends.

21. When a girl gives her man ultimatums or threatens to part in the hope of getting what she wants.

22. When she focuses entirely on everything negative in life, and not on the positive.

23. When a woman does not even try to get along with her parents and close friends of her chosen one.

24. When the partner is completely passive during intimacy and all efforts for the pleasure of both depend only on the man.

25. When a woman meets only with those men who reach certain vital heights.

26. When she is always jealous and speaks about it, provoking a scandal.

27. When a girl quarrels and behaves aggressively with a man because of every little thing.

28. When a woman compares her chosen one with other men.

29. When a woman is not aware of her beauty and value, but instead puffs out complexes.

30. When she makes fun of the musical and other preferences of her chosen one.