For these 5 things in the wardrobe you can understand you are poor or rich

Some things in the image can give your financial position with the head. How much you value yourself, whether you are well-versed in style, save on yourself or are willing to spend a considerable fortune - if you want others to have the impression of you as a well-to-do and elegant lady, then pay attention to these 5 things.


This fashionable rule can be repeated forever - either the watches should be expensive and of high quality, or they should not be worn at all. After all, the main aesthetic function of this accessory is to make the image more status. And only an expensive and branded thing can handle it. But cheap parts completely spoil the impression about you.

A bag

A bag, unlike a watch, is a bit simpler. In no case should this accessory be cheap and of low quality, however, there is no need to have a branded item alone. Try to save money and buy a high-quality, good bag - this is an important contribution to your image.


Ideal shoes can turn into the standard even the most simple and boring image. Whatever style you prefer, your shoes should not be cheap. And you need to properly take care of it - dirty and worn sneakers are unacceptable, even if you pretend to be relaxed and negligent. It is worth mentioning about erased taps - they need to be changed regularly.


Everyone knows that jewelry can turn the image into a designer. But many ladies mistakenly believe that absolutely any details are suitable for this mission. Of course, this is not so - the only thing that cheap jewelry can do is to kill the image, and at the same time harm your health, because it is made of low-quality materials. Why do you need such victims?


These are not casual clothes, and so everyone undeservedly ignores its importance. But in fact, nothing brighter will demonstrate your desire for permanent savings than an old or cheap tracksuit. You need to look good always and everywhere, and jogging or the gym is no exception. Who knows, suddenly here you will meet the man of your dreams?