Rating of the most nervous signs of the zodiac



Twins literally infect everyone around with their nervousness. You are in a state of constant anxiety and indecision. It is even difficult for you to decide on something that will definitely bring you only positive emotions. You quickly try to weigh the pros and cons, trying to consider all possible scenarios, only increasing the degree of your nervousness.


Nervousness Virgos due to their constant suspiciousness. If you are not worried about yourself, you are worried about your loved ones. You always want to be the person you can rely on. However, when you start to panic due to the fact that you cannot be close to the one who currently needs you, you criticize yourself mercilessly and blame all sins.


Fish are often nervous because they are torn between fear and anxiety in relation to certain things and their excessive gullibility to others. Most often, Pisces hide their nervousness due to an excess of emotions. If they constantly cry or, on the contrary, stop communicating with their friends and relatives, then at the moment Pisces are trying to cope with the increased level of anxiety in their lives.


Weights are not so easy to make decisions, because you are always not sure about them. Even after making the most elementary decision, you still drive off all possible scenarios in your mind in the hope that everything will go smoothly. You are too nervous about the consequences and take issues very seriously.


Cancers, like no one, are subject to change of mood. You seek to hide your nervousness behind caution, but everyone who knows you well is already familiar with this trick. In addition, Cancers are not confident enough in themselves, so they seek to hide their true feelings. You do not want others to have an idea about your problems and anxieties.


Aquarians tend to meet the expectations of others, but they do not always succeed. And yet, you are ready to sacrifice your needs and time in order to help loved ones. Because of this, you are pretty nervous, trying to please. Realizing that you can not always be there, you begin to get nervous and worry, considering yourself to be useless.


Capricorns are focused on their success, so when something goes wrong for them, they blame themselves for not being able to do it better. At the same time, no matter how quickly they again got down to work, they still worry that they would not succeed in the second time. You put too much pressure on yourself and sometimes demand the impossible from yourself. In such a situation it is difficult to keep cool.


Aries are incredibly sullen, always and everywhere noticing the negative. You are always on the move and sometimes you do not even have time to stop and realize what is happening, which constantly makes you nervous. You are worried about the fact that you do not have enough time in days to carry out everything planned.


Scorpions are much more sensitive than it seems at first glance. You are used to hiding your nervousness, because you believe that as soon as you make it public, it will become real. In addition, Scorpios are extremely suspicious of strangers, so they try to keep their feelings until they realize that they can trust this person.


Sagittarius - one of the most impatient representatives of the zodiac. You are confident in yourself and your decisions and do not allow nervousness to influence your life. Of course, you sometimes make mistakes and regret the decisions made, but never allow the alarm to absorb you.


Taurus is too stubborn to allow himself to be nervous. Every time you find yourself in a situation in which any other person would be really nervous, you remind yourself that you always wanted this and will not allow nervousness to get in your way. For you, this is a temporary phenomenon.

a lion

Lions are too self-confident to be constantly nervous. Only the most necessary and desired can really make you worry. However, if you feel confident in your abilities, then even a little nervousness will not hurt you. In addition, you will never allow your nerves to take over the top, preferring to be strong and never retreat.