5 important taboos if you decide to wear a thong

Many gynecologists strongly oppose strings, no matter how sexy they are, referring to the fact that it is not useful for health.

But their seductiveness is hard to deny, and men also liked it very much. And if you decide to ignore the comments of doctors and try on these panties, take into account these 5 nuances that will help preserve health and prevent a fashionable failure.

No low landing

Thongs and low landing fit very badly. This is probably the most popular meme that is associated with an example of a girl’s complete lack of taste - a photo in which thongs stick out from under low jeans. As a rule, poisonous pink. But even if they are black, still not worth it. There is nothing beautiful about it, and everything looks very tasteless.

Wear as needed

The need, as a rule, lies in the fact that you want to seduce the man of your dreams. For the night of love, they really fit perfectly. But to wear them along with everyday clothes, and even for days on end, the idea is very bad. There is no question of any comfort - and if they seem comfortable, just try on the pants of a different style. We are more than sure that you will change your mind.

No translucent tissue

If you go in a thong, and even in a white dress or trousers, translucent through and through, it is like walking naked. No difference, because everything is perfectly visible. And this is not at all seductive, as many ladies must consider. And even on the contrary, it will cause bewilderment rather than delight in others. If you want to attract attention to yourself, you will succeed, but the result will surely disappoint you.

Thongs should not dig into your skin.

This is not worth doing for several reasons. First, it is not at all good for your health. You risk getting unpleasant formations in places where the tissue is in close contact with your skin. Secondly, you can remind the sausage, tightened in the rope, if you try to get into too tight panties.

It is forbidden to wear to the gym

Thongs are fraught with the fact that bacteria multiply in them, leading to unpleasant infections. In the gym, the risk of this is exacerbated - you sweat, resulting in a warm, moist environment where the bacteria feel just fine. And to seduce someone in the gym with the help of strings you still hardly succeed.