If you have just been abandoned and you are left alone, watch these 3 films.

When you are experiencing a painful break or betrayal of a man, it may seem to you that everything is sad, especially if the injury is completely fresh. Inside, emotions are literally seething, which do not allow one to think about anything else, do not allow one to distract. Such a state of depressing effect on the psyche and health in general. Therefore, it is necessary to get rid of it. And here, as they say, all the methods are good, choose what you prefer.

One of the ways to heal a broken heart can be cynotherapy. At its core, it has the repression of negative thoughts and emotions with desired emotions derived from properly chosen films. The secret of the therapeutic effect is not only to find the right films, but also to watch them in the right order.

"Ghost" (1990, fantasy, thriller, drama, dir. D. Zucker)

It may seem that during a depressive state, watching one of the most tragic films about love is not the best idea. However, it is not. Starring this beautiful film about undying love with Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore will help to release the accumulated negative emotions, help literally "cry out" your pain.

Well, in itself, this film is just beautiful, as evidenced by a number of nominations for prestigious awards and two Oscars.

“Real Love” (2003, drama, melodrama, comedy, dir. R. Curtis)

The second stage of therapy - watching the beautiful British film “Real Love”, the film tells several love stories from tragic to comical. They show us practically all aspects of relationships and instill hope that love overcomes everything and there is always hope for a new meeting. In short, what is needed to reconcile with your situation and understand that this is not the end of the world.

“Love and Doves” (1984, comedy, dir. V. Menshov)

The final stage of therapy should smooth you out of depressive mood and adjust in a positive way. This is the perfect lyrical comedy about the adventures of the village lover Vasily the pigeons in the resort. Although, the film is much deeper than it may seem: it is about love, loyalty and devotion and the ability to forgive. This magnificent comedy with a brilliant cast will give you a great mood and let you forget about sadness.

If you are sad because of a man and you cannot get out of this state on your own, then try to resort to using kinotherapy. Sit back with a cup of tea and take a break from everything. Another important condition for successful therapy is to pause between the films to think about them and experience the effect they have on you.