6 acts that men express love, but women underestimate them

Our generation knows nothing about relationships. Sometimes we do not understand how badly a man wants to be with us, because we ignore his actions. Actions that he shows his serious feelings. Instead, most women think, men's actions should be quite obvious. But in reality it is not.

Here are 6 things that your man does, if he really loves you, and which you may not notice.

1. He deliberately meets with you if he introduces you to his close friends.

We all want our friends to meet our young man. So it is, and there is nothing wrong with being proud of those to whom you spend time and want to share it with others. Your man may not publish your shared photos on social networks just because you are still in the process of dating, but he still introduces you to his close friends and, perhaps, even to his family.

2. He meets with you consciously if he asks you about double dates.

A man needs to be absolutely sure of his feelings for you in order to invite you on a double date - you will come in the official status of a couple to meet his couple of friends who also have a serious relationship.

3. He meets with you consciously if he is courting you.

Courting A word about which our generation knows little. However, there are still male knights.

Grooming looks different for everyone, but the main thing that you should notice is the efforts that a man makes so you know that at least one person in the world cares about you and your well-being.

4. He meets with you consciously if he pays for you

A man who is always ready to spend his hard earned money to have a good time is trying to please you. It really is.

5. He deliberately meets with you if he helps you prioritize

When a man meets with you consciously, he wants to be part of your decisions, not your problems. If you are open enough to tell him about what you want to be better about and the goals you want to achieve, this person will definitely play a role in ensuring your confidence. He will take care of your problems. He wants to make you bright every day.

6. He meets with you consciously if he actively cares about your health.

A man writes you a positive note every morning to help you achieve all your goals for the day. Or closely watching what and when you eat, just to make sure that you eat properly. Know that this is how he cares about your well-being. By the way, this is the one who is worth dating.