3 easy ways to learn how to joke better

Sense of humor invariably attracts people, makes you much more interesting and brighter. Such people literally gather around the whole crowd! Everyone loves them, and they can make an indelible impression on others. But what if you don't have it with him?

Watch good comedies

It is always worth learning from professionals. For fashionable images, we go to blogs and magazines (we hope that our materials help you look better), but for humor, of course, you should turn to TV shows. Just do not focus on the vulgar, toilet humor - choose those where the humor is subtle and intellectual.

Treat life easier

It is too serious, heavy attitude to life prevents you from joking and treating everything with humor. But it is in your power to change it: just be easier, more optimistic, take with humor everything that happens to you, and you yourself will notice that you will become a much more pleasant interlocutor, and people will reach for you.

Don't be afraid to joke

Many are not joking just because they are afraid. You never know who will think about them, how they will look - and therefore they are more silent. Do not be afraid, just express your opinion and turn on the very mode of easy perception of life - and then you will succeed!