Nothing more: what makes a happy woman in clothes

For a modern woman, clothing is much more than protection from the cold. Every day, with the help of our wardrobe, we can talk about our emotions, about our mood. Dressing in a certain way can create an atmosphere of rigor or warmth and relaxation. You can be different: emotional, cold, friendly or detached. Changing roles, expressing ourselves in different ways, we adjust ourselves to internal changes and this contributes to our emotional growth and development. You have noticed something similar when you do your makeup, and even the actors recognize how much the hero's costume helps them to get used to the image. All this works in everyday life.

Fine accessories

The task of jewelry is to complement the image and make it complete. Favorite jewelry can create high spirits for any woman. Stylists claim that a well-chosen piece of jewelry can transform any outdated thing. Wearing different earrings, necklaces or bracelets for the same dress, you can create an image of both a young coquette and a refined lady.

Sensual accents

A happy woman is not afraid to be both elegant and seductive. Contrasting fabrics, sophisticated jewelery, casual hair - and shining eyes.

Flowing fabrics

Scientists conducted an experiment and found out that when a woman is happy at 60% she will put on a dress. Especially if the dress emphasizes the figure, is made of beautiful, pleasant fabrics and reminds her of something good.

Comfortable models

Hoodies, warm sweaters, soft scarves, long cardigans, wide trousers - all, of course, from natural, pleasant to the touch fabrics. Tactile sensations are important for a happy woman. She loves to walk with bare feet on the soft grass and she tries to use natural, "breathing" tissues. A wonderful example is the French actress and singer Charlotte Gainsbourg: she wears simple things, but from good fabrics, in the right colors: flared jeans, cashmere sweaters, short or long skirts, corduroy pants, cotton shirts and, for example, a bright coat or cloak.

Casual elegance

Elegant negligence is a manifestation of individuality in clothes, shoes, accessories. The whole image in the unity of a woman with her manners, posture, gait, gestures. Elegance depends on taste, sense of proportion, good manners, lifestyle. In clothing, this can be impeccable midi length, dresses to the knee or slightly lower, slightly cropped trousers and a jacket to the middle of the thigh. The image looks as if the girl just opened the closet and, without thinking, chose a set. Easy negligence, elegant chic, sophisticated elegance.