9 female hairstyles that men do not like


Undoubtedly, the most important thing is that you like your hair. However, for sure, it is equally important for you that your man likes her too. If you ask your soul mate directly about whether he likes your hair, he is unlikely to say no. However, not always such an answer will be sincere, because a man simply does not want to upset you.

Of course, every man has his own taste, however, according to research, there are haircuts that men most often do not like. So, here is a list of such hairstyles.

Disheveled curls

According to a considerable number of men, careless styling with disheveled hair looks unsexual and untidy, as if you did not even have time to comb your hair. Also, some say that this hairstyle makes the hair more visually dry and lifeless. And men, meanwhile, like when the hair looks well-groomed, soft and shiny.


According to experts, for many men, a sloppy tail symbolizes that you do not care how you look and what your hairstyle is. A man can perceive it in his address - that you are not trying to look good for him.
@ lida_dumler Research also suggests that more than half of men prefer a woman to put her hair on, even if she does not have time to make up. Keep in mind.


This is not all clear. A number of men think that pixie is a very universal hairstyle that always looks well-groomed and stylish, and we agree with them. However, another part of the opposite sex believes that this hairstyle is not sexy and too boyish.

Straight bangs

It would seem that there may be more harmless bangs, but no. One part of men considers them childish, and the other - too strict and boring. Especially when it comes to straight bangs on the entire forehead. If you already choose, then men prefer elongated bangs, which can be diluted from the center on the sides.

Haircut sheg

Despite the fact that you may be crazy about her, men are not the greatest fans of this haircut. Some of them do not like shag because of disheveledness, although many admit that it is a rather fashionable haircut. Nevertheless, men put her 4 points out of 10.

Sponged strands

High-quality hair extensions are expensive and time consuming. But as a result, you get long curls of dreams. Outwardly, they really look amazing - here men agree. However, what repels them from the increased curls is a tactile sensation. When a man is playing with your hair, his fingers stumble upon the mounts and borders of the extended strands. And this is not sexy.


This hairstyle can come to the rescue at any moment and transform your appearance. However, some men would prefer that you do a more intricate hairstyle, since you decided to style your hair. According to research, Malvink men seem unfinished hairstyle, as if you did not have enough time to complete the image. However, this is a rather controversial position, but it also has the right to exist.


Opinions are divided here. Some men curls seem very sexy, while others - a reminder of the 80s. The best thing is not to try to please everyone - the main thing is that you like your curls yourself.

Short haircuts

Short haircuts - especially bob and forehead - are now at their peak of popularity. And men can appreciate them. However, according to research, in terms of sexuality and attractiveness in the eyes of a man, short haircuts are much inferior to long haircuts and hairstyles of medium length.