3 simple tricks in makeup, how to make your cheekbones more expressive

Work your face base under makeup

In order for all makeup products to go smoothly and create the effect you want, you must first use the base. It can be absolutely any, with shimmering particles, moisturizing or color corrective. The main thing is to prepare your face for further makeup.

Use a sculptor

This means not only emphasizes the cheekbones, but also hides the cheeks. Put it on the area under the cheekbones, it will visually stretch the face and make it thinner. The main thing is not to overdo it. Besides, one should not choose shades of a sculptor with a grayish undertone. Otherwise, your face will look dull.

Choose a two-tone lighter

Using a highlighter will also help in this case. You just have to choose it one or two tones brighter than what you used before. Apply this tool on the protruding parts of the face (not only where the cheekbones), and visually you will become thinner. Flicker should be natural, and not such that it can be seen from space.