8 compromising signs of a woman that men do not take seriously

The ability to perceive the world around is easy and from a positive point of view, not every woman is given. This is a very good quality that helps not to get stuck on problems and move on. But sometimes some women are too frivolous about everything, for which they can pass for quite frivolous and unreliable young ladies.

Society hangs this label if it notes the following 8 features in women's behavior:

1. She loves parties and parties.

Avid party girls are clearly not distinguished by strict morals and serious intentions. As a rule, these women are looking for a way to have fun, enjoy, relax and run away from reality, forgetting about the problems and concerns.

2. She has many male friends

When a woman has one or two friends of the opposite sex, time-tested, it is quite logical and normal. But when the list of her male buddies is built up in an endless column, it is worth considering whether it really is a friend. Usually such men are used as potential lovers or simply brought to the rank of numerous fans.

3. She is constantly changing cavaliers

“To change men like gloves” - in this context, this phrase sounds as convincing as possible. Most likely, such a lady still has a free wind in her head, she is not at all ready for consistency and serious relationship.

4. She does not want a family and children

One of the most powerful markers by which the public concludes that a woman is still too frivolous. In principle, there is some truth in this, because one of the main indicators of seriousness and readiness to take responsibility is the creation of a family and the birth of a child.

5. She dresses extravagantly and brightly.

It is believed that this person can not be adult and ostepenennoy. Screaming makeup, causing outfits, attributes of belonging to subcultures are all indicators of infantilism, frivolity and carelessness.

6. She sins bad habits

Drinking, cigarette in female hands - in our time this will not surprise anyone. But just such a woman is immediately perceived by men as too accessible and windy. The one with which you can have fun, throw away and go into your life.

7. She posts a lot of her photos on social networks.

Countless selfies - “I'm in the mirror,” “I'm in profile,” “I'm with flowers,” “my gifts,” “my food,” and so on. . But in fact, behind this very harmless-looking occupation, there is a serious problem of wanting easy money, male attention, mercantile spirit and complete infantilism. All vital interests are reduced to their own appearance and demonstration of their beauty and success.

8. She talks too much and strives to be the center of attention.

Women who constantly want to be in the epicenter of events and feel uncomfortable when the attention of others is not directed at them are not distinguished by constancy and seriousness. Usually their whole life comes down to self-assertion through other people, dubious acquaintances and a thirst for glory. Their whole existence is a bright shine, tinsel, which, alas, leave behind a very bitter aftertaste.