5 models of skirts that will make the image more expensive, and the figure - slimmer

Skirts help women not only look feminine and seductive, but also visually adjust the figure.

Skirt with a slit

Seductive incision lengthens the legs, there is an additional vertical and asymmetry, which visually pulls the silhouette. Under this model fit dark tights and shoes with heels.

Leather skirt

If you want to hide figure flaws, then a skirt made of leather will fit perfectly. This material is hard and dense, so it adjusts the silhouette of your figure, almost like a slimming underwear. Leather skirt visually hide the extra volume on the hips, balance the broad shoulders. The model looks at the same time spectacularly and strictly, therefore it is suitable for meeting with friends and for a romantic date.


Flowing skirts and dresses made of pleated fabric is again the fashion trend of spring. Vertical pleated will help stretch the silhouette and make you taller and slimmer. Combine the skirt with a loose jacket. Another successful solution: an elongated cardigan or a straight cut coat, under the bottom of which it is better to wear a plain turtleneck or a regular long sleeve blouse - this will help make the silhouette more slender and thin.

Midi Skirt

The correct design of the midi skirt will give a sophisticated look and curves. The model perfectly hides figure flaws. Girls with high growth fit puffed midi skirt. But low ladies better to abandon this style, since such a skirt only weights the figure - it is better to get yourself this model with a high waist and worn with high heels.

A-line skirt

This skirt emphasizes the waist and the very beginning of the hips, extending downwards. Thanks to this cut, the width of your hips is hidden, so this is an ideal choice for those who would like to divert attention from them. Also, this model will balance the figure if you have broad shoulders, and a high landing completely visually lengthens the legs.