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3 good reasons why you are still alone

Recently, I discovered 3 simple things that prevent me from existing normally and building my personal life. It would seem that 3 trifling things, but how much depends on them, and how they are able to change everything!

1. “I'm different”

Yes, these notorious words and the belief that I am not like the flock that is around. I always thought that I could not drink a bottle of wine alone, gorge myself with chocolate until I got stupefied; sad movies, do not watch stupid videos on YouTube and do not share the general delight from handsome actors. I'm different, unique, one of a kind, unlike anybody! And, I must say, I was very proud of it for the time being.

Until one day, on a rainy autumn night, when I was insanely dreary and lonely, I did not open a bottle of wine in the fridge and drank it alone under the dreary melodrama. I cried, I roared in my voice, I pitied the main characters and pitied myself because I had previously deprived myself of the pleasure to relax, remove the label “I am different” and do the same thing that millions of people do. I just freed myself and breathed deeply, I realized that we are all the same in our human nature, but this is not bad, this is just the opposite, very cool!

2. "I am good"

From this "goodness" I almost rang to the hospital and did not make myself a lot of diseases. Yes, I am good, so I do not need to help, my dear, I can handle it myself. And with the child too, which is already there. And I will not cry, because I can hold back. And you won't arrange a tantrum, and you can even pick up anything you want from our things, because you need them so much. And I will interrupt somehow. You say I'm strong and well done? Yes, I am so! And the one to which you leave is weak, hysterical and absolutely unable to cope without you? Then of course you must go to her.

Then, I still shoved my “good girl” far away and with one phone call I turned off all the desire to appear in my life the mistress of my husband. I kicked him out, let him go wherever they look. And then let it hurt, and I roared, sitting on the kitchen floor, but I felt great relief from what I did as my “bad” half wanted, and not the good one.

3. "I am to blame for everything"

This is a typical female manner - blame yourself for everything. He has problems at work, which means I do not let him rest at home and gather his strength. He has no mood? That I can not cheer him and make at least something. He cheated on me and now throws? It was me who didn’t please him enough and didn’t arrange enchanting erotic shows. And the list goes on and on. For all the reasons not for the success of her man, a woman will blame herself.

Relax finally and take it easy. You are not to blame! His problems at work, bad mood and other troubles - he creates them himself, only he, and no one else! And if he has changed you, it means that it is necessary to draw conclusions and understand, finally, that you just found a man who is unworthy of you!