4 things that retain male loyalty, and smart women know them


The loyalty of a man is one of the most important elements of a committed relationship. However, a large number of couples face infidelity, bringing great pain and frustration. Even when lovers can overcome this difficult period, deception undermines relationships.

Infidelity makes a woman feel unloved, undervalued, depressed. Here are 4 types of problems that usually lead to male adultery:

1. His endless "battle" between lust and love

Many people in a strong relationship say they love their soul mate, but still crave others. Is it illogical? Well, not exactly.

Research has shown that when the brain becomes lustful, it reacts as if it is under the influence of drugs. The intensity of lust tends to exceed the intensity of love, but it is not eternal.

Love is strong when it comes to coexistence, caring and emotional stability. This is the love that allows us to be together for a long time. But the desire, passion, novelty, uncertainty - those feelings that make us feel young, welcome and alive.

A marriage without passion is boring, and for some people it may even seem like a prison. Getting into the monotony of everyday life, partners forget to maintain passion and diversity in the vicinity.

2. A man does not want what he thinks about

We all know the expression: “Be careful with your desires, they can come true”

Although we want to experience safety, stability and routine, it can also lead to monotony and boredom. A boring life can be overwhelming, forcing you to think about the possibilities of a more exciting life. Suddenly, your man may find that he dreams of someone who will cherish him, who will make him feel again how butterflies are fluttering in his stomach.

A man may want to secretly bite the "forbidden fruit", but does not want to leave his wife. Deep down, he knows that his illusion will collapse as soon as he finishes the current relationship. And at that moment, when the beloved woman leaves forever because of his infidelity, he will understand that the one whom he idealized is not so perfect.

To avoid infidelity, always try to maintain an interesting and fun relationship, filled with emotions and passion. Learn to appreciate what you have and what your half brings into your life.

3. His low self-esteem means a greater likelihood of adultery.

One of the myths about infidelity is that people who cheat should be beautiful, wealthy and self-confident, and therefore should never be content with only one elect.

You should know about adultery that many people who cheat are not at all like that. Most traitors have low self-esteem. No matter how much love they get from their wife, this is never enough.

An unreliable man who constantly changes, is driven by a strong desire to conquer new women in order to feel loved.

Therefore, appreciate your chosen one openly and sincerely, celebrate those wonderful things that bring his relationship. This will help the man to realize his importance to you.

4. He lacks respect and support.

The well-known saying that opposites attract is an obvious myth. This idea is often confusing and leads to misunderstandings. Many happy couples do not have much in common, while others, which are very similar, have relationship problems.

The key to success lies not so much in the common interests, which, of course, is important, as in respect, interest and support of each other.

If you are absolutely not interested in the lifestyle of your man and yawn when he talks about something important for him, this may lead to the fact that he feels unloved, which will increase his interest in the novel with one that shows a little to him. If you continue to behave the way you did when you first started dating, the relationship will be respectful, interesting and fulfilling.

As a rule, in treason, a man tries to satisfy those needs that, in his opinion, are ignored in a relationship or within his own psychological state.

To return a spark to your relationship, you both need to constantly make efforts. It is important to be present in a relationship not only physically, but also morally. Pay attention to your man: there is always something new to learn.

Once you understand what your man wants, you will create a deeper connection, and betrayal will be the last thought that comes to his mind.