8 touching qualities of a woman that a man wants to love and preserve forever

Not always men attracts only female open seduction. Often the kind and touching little things make a woman much more attractive than the clearly demonstrated frankness.

1. Women's fears

Men find it incredibly cute when a woman gets scared of something and jumps from it: be it a spider, too loud a sound or a horror movie. At that moment, she becomes a little girl who needs protection, comfort and patronage.

2. Male household chores

From the point of view of men, a woman engaged in purely masculine household chores (nailing a shelf, fixing a tap, and cleaning the bath) looks funny. Especially, given that we often do it ineptly, incorrectly and unprofessionally.

3. Machine repair

Even if a woman is a professional auto mechanic and understands the device of machines as well as any pro, men still just love this spectacle when a fragile lady, armed with tools, dives into the inside of her car. It looks not only cute, but damn winding.

4. Applying makeup

Although many relationship experts do not recommend wearing makeup on a man, the representatives of the stronger sex think differently. They consider this process very charming and attractive, especially since a woman at such moments seems to be disconnected from the outside world and immerses herself.

5. Jealousy for unfamiliar girls

Quite often, a common situation when we are jealous of our partner for a pretty girl who has passed by. The men themselves say they adore the look and expression on their woman’s face at this moment - a little angry, inflated and possessive. Insanely cute anger.

6. Points on own appearance

Usually all our complexes and self-doubt are far-fetched and not having a place to be. That is why men believe that the desire to hide cellulite, disguise a pimple, or change the hairstyle to make the shape of the face oval rather than round - no more than a lovely female hair.

7. Imaginary awareness

Oh, these women who are beginning to be clever in those topics that have no foot in their teeth. Usually it all ends in an embarrassing or uncomfortable situation. But we all forgiven, because men believe that there is no more charming girl who tries to talk about the structure of the carburetor, never in life without looking under the hood of the car.

8. grunts

Men are not angry at all when we quietly mumble under our breath, quietly get angry and grumble at them, because it looks very touching and a little childish. The main thing is not to go to the real scandal and not quarrel in tatters.