3 signs that a man still loves you, even if you broke up

You once had everything good, but then the relationship disappeared. Perhaps even on your initiative. But the former lover did not disappear from your life, but continues to periodically appear in it, and this fact already indicates that you are not indifferent to him. How to understand that he still loves you?

He is interested in your affairs.

He still wants to be aware of your whole life. He used to be a close person to him, and it’s not so easy for him to accept the fact that now everything in your life happens without his knowledge. If the former constantly asks you about the news, wonders what has changed in your life, it means that you still care about him.

He offers you his help.

He wants to not only know how you are doing, but also to take part in your life. So he feels like a man who still matters to you, feels like you need him. However, it is worth remembering that, turning to him for help, you, although you will make him pleasant, but also give false hopes that things may change.

He is not averse to making love to you.

Of course, this can also speak of a simple desire to satisfy sexual needs. However, it can also speak of a desire for physical intimacy due to the fact that you are still a person close to him, and he feels warm feelings for you as a woman.