Rating signs of the zodiac, the most prone to run away from love



Aquarius always avoids emotional manifestations. Freedom is of fundamental importance for them and allows them to live in their own world. No matter how strong Aquarius feels for you, their communication skills do not allow them to openly declare them. In addition, their desire to create good on a global scale always goes sideways with their partners.


The twins love the most, until their partner bore them. The twins love adventures and as soon as they realize that the current relationship no longer brings them pleasure, they immediately go in search of new ones. Love alone is not enough for them, they need difficulties and drama that can support their interest.


Virgin run from love because they do not want to suffer. Being one of the most vulnerable signs of the zodiac, Virgos hide their sensitivity, always trying to look strong in the hope that no one can hurt them. Because of this, they sometimes seem to their partners untouchable.


Capricorns are incredibly purposeful. They are always so densely occupied with various projects that they have neither the strength nor the time to love. Capturing the attention of Capricorn is unrealistically difficult, including because they value actions more than words.


Aries are always focused on what they can not get. No one likes challenges and difficulties as fiercely as they are. However, as soon as their fuses evaporate, and the difficulties end, they begin to look for a new object of desire that can throw problems at them.


Sagittarius can not live without romance, but always saved from the obligations. They like to love, to be attentive, but when their partner tries to put them in a clearly defined framework, they are forced to flee from such a relationship.

a lion

Leos need attention. If they do not feel that their partner needs them or in any way infringes upon their ego, they leave him without hesitation. In spite of all their loving nature, the Lions will never allow themselves to be with the person who does not value them.


Taurus is not used to running away from love, they rather trust the wrong people. They love to feel needed and never give up on their partners. However, if they understand that they cannot get along with this or that person, the degree of their indignation will sooner or later cause them to withdraw from such a relationship.


Pisces is the most romantic among all the signs of the zodiac. They look at life through rose-colored glasses and believe in love, which can only be found in movies. That is why often faced with a much more brutal reality, they are forced to flee relationships that do not correspond to their ideas.


Libra is incredibly amorous and indecisive. They always plan their relationships in advance, paying special attention to the romantic component. Harmony is above all for them, so if you constantly break their habitual lifestyle, expect that soon they will leave you.


Scorpios - fierce fighters for the truth. Therefore, you can not even rely on condescension, if you allow yourself to lie to them directly in the face. In their relationship, they will not tolerate this. The fact is that the Scorpions are extremely attentive to their heart, not allowing their partners to reject it in vain.


Cancers will leave you only when you break their hearts. The most loving and caring sign of the zodiac is always open to communication. For him, nothing is more important than romance, so when a relationship with a partner leaves much to be desired, Cancer leaves him without regret.