These 5 things were by no means affordable to everyone in the Soviet Union.

In the USSR, people worked hard trying to ensure a good life for themselves and their families. Despite this, not everyone had enough money for things that have now become completely mundane for us.


Very expensive thing, which, of course, was not affordable for everyone. However, some of the citizens could get a car on preferential terms, for special services to the state. However, for most of the car remained a luxury item.

Radio cassette player

An even greater luxury was considered a car audio system. A man who not only traveled by car, but also could listen to music in it, was considered to be a uniquely enviable bridegroom.

Cassette recorder

And in order to become the coolest guy in the area, it was enough to get a tape recorder. True, they were worth at that time fabulous money, and it was not recommended to shine them in the courtyard, as this could attract unwanted attention to financial condition.


Many women had to be washed on their hands simply because they could not afford a washing machine. The linen had to be boiled, soaked in soapy water, and it was very hard from a physical point of view, and sometimes it took several hours.


You will not envy Soviet mothers - housekeeping used to be much more tedious than it is now. With diapers, too, was tight - although they were brought from abroad, but they were so expensive that only the richest could afford them.