3 things that men in no case can not know about women

As it is known, “there must be some mystery in a woman”. Sometimes this is not so much a manifestation of coquetry as a necessity: there are such things that it is better to hide from men.

The number of their ex

Thank God it is not the Middle Ages, when the loss of innocence before the wedding was considered a disgrace. Most modern men would never even worry that his beloved is not a virgin. Of course, he understands that most likely you had a relationship before meeting him. But here, how many were there, it is better to leave with you. Moreover, an extremely large or extremely small amount is not so important. Each person has his own concept of what is “much” and what is “little” in these matters, and your ideas and those of your man may not coincide.

Who cares what was there before, everyone has their own luggage. In the end, he, too, was hardly a virgin before meeting you. You are with him now and this is the most important thing. Try to customize it in this way and gradually the question will disappear by itself.

True feelings for his relatives

We are all human and are entitled to our own opinion about any things or people. Of course, you may not like his family or his friends, you have the right to do so, but in no case do not begin to express all your negative thoughts about his relatives to him. First, you can be wrong, secondly, over time, everything can change and those people who are unpleasant to you now can open up completely from the other side, and thirdly, you will simply push him away, because these are his close ones.

If, in spite of everything, you don’t like his family and the situation doesn’t change at all, then just try to limit your communication with them, honestly tell him that you are sorry, but you are not comfortable in this society, but don’t go into details regarding negative feelings.


In intimate affairs of a couple there should not be secrets from each other. Everything needs to be said frankly and confidentially, because this is the key to success in bed. And of course, if for some reason you don’t reach orgasm with him, it’s better to find out what the reason is and fix it together, and not simulate. But, as statistics show, about 60% of women imitated orgasm at least once.

If you belong to these 60%, then your partner should not talk about it. This will not only offend him, but also settle doubts about his manliness. Moreover, on subsequent subconscious levels, he will think whether you are feigning or not. This not only undermines his trust in you, both in bed and in other aspects, but also can cause complexes that do not lead to anything good.

The degree of candor in a pair is always individual. And these 5 points are not mandatory for everyone, but from the point of view of the psychological differences between the sexes, you should still listen to these recommendations if you want to keep the relationship fresh and new for a long time.