If you know these 4 steps, then you can control men.


This is a skill we, women, have acquired over the centuries spent in captivity of a purely male patriarchal culture, where we were simply not noticed.

In many countries, women still cannot claim the same high salaries as men have fewer rights, both social and political.

But does this mean that women are removed from any kind of control?

No no and one more time no! Women have learned very well how to cope with such an unjust world order. And the most effective way to achieve the desired - to make a man want to fulfill your desire. Make your goals his goals.

This useful skill is so worked out for every woman that men do not even realize when they are being manipulated. Of course, this should be done solely for the benefit of your relationship. And, if you want to upgrade your skill even more, these four ways will not prevent you:


Sometimes men do behave like children. But this does not mean that one should always indulge them in such behavior. When a woman behaves with an adult man, as with a seven-year-old, it means that she needs to get something from him.

If a woman cannot trust her man to go grocery shopping or load a washing machine, this does not mean that he is unable to do this. He is an adult and knows what the store looks like, and the washing machine turns on. It's just that a woman needs her assignments to be completed exactly as she needs.

Therefore, instead of just leaving him alone with herself, she begins to control his every step and eventually strains more than him. And the man is annoyed because he feels worthless and worthless.

Thus, the woman controls the situation, but does not allow her to develop in the necessary direction. It's a vicious circle. We must remember that the most overwhelming phrase that we can say is: "I will do everything myself."


Any woman can be considered a professional in this. Men are not. If a man is upset and wants you to do something, he will immediately tell about it. He may be angry, shouting, asking, whining, but he will not keep it all inside.

We women, on the contrary, use a different and more effective approach. We just shut up, stop talking, distance ourselves. This sudden cold silence of a woman is explained by meaningless phrases like: “I need some time”, “I need to think a lot”. From such behavior, any man goes into a panic and begins to frantically think what he did wrong.

This silent woman is so unsettling for men that they are ready to do anything, if only this awkward situation would change.


Flattery in general helps to attract people to itself and to achieve what they want from them. But the best flattery affects men. There are two reasons for this: first, from childhood they are told that they can do anything. Secondly, because they are rarely praised.

And female flattery affects both vulnerabilities. "Honey, I do not understand the technique at all, can you help me upgrade my computer?" Familiar, is not it?

Of course, some of the compliments are sincere, but this is still some form of control. A woman to thank and praise the man for fulfilling her desire.

Of course, we ourselves can set up a computer, change a light bulb, hang a mirror, but why, if men are always ready to do it for us?


Yes, this is the same technique "the son of my mother's girlfriend," over which so often joke on the Internet. The same approach works more effectively not with children, but with adult men.

A disgruntled woman simply begins to compare her man with others, and draw conclusions not in favor of the faithful. She does this not only to shame him, but to induce him to action. She deliberately touches his ego, saying directly that someone is in something better than him. This makes a man resist any comparison, and the only way out of this is to be the best.