8 forbidden words that husbands need to forget when communicating with their wives

How many clever articles have been written about what it’s absolutely impossible for a wife to do in relation to her husband. We think that you learned all this long ago, memorized it and tried it in practice. Now we offer detailed instructions for husbands to live with their wives in peace and harmony. So, never say these 8 phrases, and you will be happy!

1. “You don't look good”

Absolutely no matter what your woman really looks like. Even if at the moment she is far from the beauty queen, this phrase cannot be uttered in any way. Remember, your companion is always beautiful, fresh, seductive and stunning.

2. "Your mother annoys me"

In women, the connection with the mother is always much closer and stronger than in men. In addition, often, the daughter adopts and copies the maternal behavior and sometimes even repeats her fate. Therefore, unflattering words about her mother will not be pleasant to any woman, because this is the most secret and dear.

3. “Your nerves are out of order”

Usually these words are spoken in the course of a long and prolonged quarrel, when a woman turns to scandals, tantrums and a violent showdown. Of course, a man doesn’t have anything when he says this phrase, rather, it’s his defensive face to a defensive reaction to cry and tears. But for a woman, a word about loose nerves is like a red rag for a bull. After all, she always knows how to control herself, control, and not at all hysterical. And the point.

4. "You are raising children wrong"

And here it is better to think well in advance and not to cast doubt on the maternal qualities of his own wife. First, everything can be discussed more calmly and not make such radical conclusions, and secondly, the woman just falls much more responsibilities for raising children, and therefore have to develop their own style of interaction with them.

5. "You recovered"

Men, well, forget about this phrase as a scary dream! Want a terrible quarrel, scandal and deadly resentment? Then you are on the right track. And if not, then tell your woman that she is perfect. And do not be afraid to flatter.

6. “Where do you spend all our money?”

There is no more petty and repulsive picture than a man who demands from his woman a full report for every penny spent. And, as a rule, expenses for food, children, payment for an apartment and other family needs are included. Can the men then try the other month to take care of the household, children and accounting, and only then blame their wife?

7. “I'm tired of you”

In essence, this phrase means the collapse of marriage and relationships. Even if there is a state of fatigue, monotony and dissatisfaction - these problems must be solved together, and not put your own woman before the fact and shift all responsibility for the further course of events on her shoulders.