12 unusual signs of male adultery that women often ignore


Finding partner’s infidelity is now easier than ever before. Text messages, emails and credit card statements make up a gigabyte-sized electronic file for a reckless liar.

We know typical control signs: his behavior has changed, new unexpected musical or gastronomic addictions have appeared, even his everyday wardrobe has radically changed.

But if your “relationship radar” suddenly became active due to the fact that your partner’s behavior seemed unusual or suspicious to you, here are 13 not so obvious signs of his betrayal that you may not notice.

1. He makes time stamps.

Optimizing precious time with your loved one is balancing, so the man begins to count to the nearest minute. "There will be no suspicion if I return home at exactly 6 o'clock in the evening," he argues. Or: "If I call her every day at noon, she will not suspect anything."

He mentally draws temporary graphs. His uncharacteristic or strange behavior will be one of the signs that he is deceiving.

2. He switched to the new jargon

My friend's suspicions about her husband's hobbies intensified when she heard his exasperated shout, “My God!” An expression that he had never used in dealing with her and considered it generally offensive.

If a man spends a lot of time with his new passion, he will definitely pick up some of her expressions and use them in your conversations.

3. He changed the usual order of things.

For example, every evening he came home, asked about dinner and went for a walk with a dog. Now this ritual is broken. He needs to take a shower as soon as he comes home. Or he pours himself a brandy, when usually it was done only on weekends.

4. He prefers to ride alone

As a rule, you get into the car together and go somewhere. But lately, he has found many reasons to spend a few minutes alone with himself. For example, he asks you to take a taxi or ride your car. “I need to stop at a car cosmetics shop, I don’t want to bore you,” he says.

5. He has "all in openwork"

“Let's go and get drunk tonight,” he suggests atypically and enthusiastically, and you know that he hasn’t said anything of the kind since he promised not to drink.

Having a novel on the side (and this is not a secret) can make a man feel young and impulsive again, and this can lead to a different, unusual form of behavior.

6. He wants you to show off your charms.

What it is? Any Victoria's Secret “just for you”? It's funny, he always claimed that underwear doesn't excite him.

His romance woke his libido and, ironically, he would like it to affect you as well.

7. "There is nothing wrong with looking at, right?"

“Did you see our new neighbor staring at you in the morning in the elevator?” The man asks his wife, smiling broadly. - “He is clearly your type!”

A cheater teases, leaving his wife at a loss for what happened to his jealous character. No secrets. He just wants to soften his guilt in front of her, in order to justify extramarital affairs if necessary.

8. “Novels? Nothing wrong"

You sadly report that your best friend's husband is cheating on her. Instead of dividing your anxiety, your man takes the side of the traitor. "Well, it means that he was not happy in this marriage" or "Anything can happen. That is life."

Condemnation of others in most cases means subconscious condemnation of oneself. And since your man does not blame his friend, then in relation to himself he is not going to do that.

9. "I will not watch this"

Forget your old co-op films about fatal infidelity. Story lines, which had previously caused his interest, are now becoming clearly inconvenient for him. If there is an affair on the side, know: you will no longer look at what reminds him of his new passion.

10. He is constantly nervous

Many men, having an affair on the side, have atypical bouts of depression and anxiety. Wines and stress from the need to keep their secrets secret have an external effect on them. Symptoms may include insomnia, lack of appetite, or constantly depressed mood.

11. He suddenly becomes an expert

“Do you know which country has the highest dog population in the world?”

He begins to spew you facts about things to which he has never shown interest before. For example, he had never loved dogs so much before. Maybe your chosen one shares the interests of his passion and finds a way to talk about her without giving himself away.

12. He has an empty, lost look.

The man who always had the answer now seems to be speechless. His brain is filled with deceitful details, which he said, and excuses that he made. When you innocently ask about his last trip to the hardware store, you can practically see the wheels spinning in his head.

“I told her that I went there? I told her I was shopping? Is she trying to trap me and catch me in a lie? ”

As long as he uses this tactic, you will see this strange and empty look.