These signs of the zodiac are distinguished by their cheerful disposition and light character.

Not all people are serious about life. Some are well able to light, have fun, infect others with their energy and optimism. It seems they never have a battery! What are the signs of the zodiac most often include such people?


Next to Aries, when he is in shock, it is simply impossible to stay close and not laugh. They easily ignite the crowd, not leaving anyone indifferent. Their inimitable sense of humor, incredible expression and bright temperament attract people to them.


People of this air sign are tireless party-goers. Their imagination is absolutely inexhaustible, and they come up with entertainment for themselves - sometimes quite extreme, literally on the go. Only a Gemini can come up with an idea to bathe in champagne, or to check what will happen if you mix mentos with coke (frankly, crazy experiments are also an Aquarian prerogative).

a lion

Lions are in need of attention, and are ready to attract it at any cost. They can easily throw out something completely unimaginable. Even if sometimes the eccentricity of their actions goes off scale, you will not be bored with them for sure.


Libra love to have fun. Unlike previous signs, they rely on cultural recreation. But he will never be boring or boring - desperate creatives, they come up with something incredible literally on the go.


Eccentric Aquarius is impossible not to recognize in the crowd - he immediately catches the eye thanks to a little insane look and original appearance. They know how to have fun great, and just do not understand life without parties and parties.