5 rules of nutrition, which will make the stomach more flat


Doctors have developed several strategies to remove a few centimeters from the waist, strengthen the spirit, kill hunger and much more.

Start your metabolism with hot pepper jelly

The first step, allowing you to lose those extra pounds - the restoration of normal metabolism. You can start your metabolism with the help of jelly from hot pepper. This seasoning contains capsaicin, which accelerates metabolism up to 20% within 30 minutes after its use. It is good to do this in the morning, for example, eating 2 tbsp. l pepper jelly every morning. It can be added to a bun or hard-boiled eggs. It is inexpensive, and you can buy it at any supermarket.

Get rid of hunger with acacia powder

The powder is made from acacia bark, it is used as a spice. Means podsypayut in food to reduce appetite. During the meal, be sure to drink a full glass of water.

Use homemade pickles to detoxify the body.

Everyone knows that in our intestines there are many different strains of bacteria. Some useful - help digest food, produce valuable substances, others - "bad", which tend to accumulate in the gastrointestinal tract. The balance of one and the other is directly dependent on what we eat. Wrong food can lead to the growth of harmful bacteria in the colon, and over time - to disease, inflammation of the intestine. This causes flatulence and, according to recent studies, adds a few centimeters to the waist.

Because it is important to deal with harmful bacteria. A great way is snacking with pickles, in which there are a lot of probiotics that prevent the reproduction and accumulation of harmful bacteria in the intestine. Accordingly, they reduce the onset of inflammation and improve its work. At the same time make sure that in pickles is not very much salt. If you do not like pickles or tomatoes, replace them with sauerkraut, kimchi or other fermented food.

Drink red wine - it relieves stress

An interesting reaction of our body to stress is the storage of excess calories, especially in the abdominal area. The stress level can be reduced by drinking 100 ml of high-quality red wine every day, but no more. Studies have shown that the antioxidants that it contains reduce inflammation and help to relax, thereby relieving stress.

Do not eat dry - and the stomach becomes flat

When the body is dehydrated, water tends to accumulate in different places, which is why our appearance suffers and there is a feeling of bloating. Eating juicy foods allows you to wash your body and conquer inflammation, since they are 70% water and 5% or more fiber (per serving). It is also often low-salt whole foods. If the label does not indicate the water content, it can be determined by two simple criteria.

Juicy fruits and vegetables at the bite / notch make juice. For example, they do not include avocados and bananas. If it is necessary to add water (another liquid) to the products, they can be classified as wet. For example, the preparation of cereals, beans and cereals.

Include in your diet moist foods that allow you to fight flatulence, according to the following plan:


Start your morning with a combination of pepper jelly and spring water. Prepare fruit water by adding lime, watermelon, mint or blackberry into a jug of water - and you can drink it all day.


The beans are very moist. Prepare a burrito from beans, chopped cabbage, salsa, avocado and large lettuce leaves.


Give up eating a dry meal! Try a combination of chopped lettuce, celery, mandarin and cashew, seasoned with cayenne pepper to improve digestion. Put everything in a small container - and your snack is ready for the whole day!


Treat yourself to dinner with turkey or chicken seasoned with chia seeds and a salad with vegetables and greens. For dessert - citrus.