5 gifts from which no man will be delighted

If your man has a birthday soon, or you just want to make him happy, you are probably thinking of a gift. However, there are gifts that can not so much please your man, how many upset or disappoint. What not to give a loved one?

A gift to herself

It would seem, it is quite obvious, but, nevertheless, very, very many ladies sin with it, and give gifts to their loved ones that will be useful in the household. For example, a slow cooker or food processor. And what, he, too, will eat food? To understand his disappointment, recall your emotions when, as a child, you were given new school pants, and not the desired thing.

Gift for excuse

This should include shaving foam, socks and other things, about which there are already a lot of jokes, but for some reason they are still often given. Your man expects from you something more original, and not the usual excuses.

Too original gift

Seeking to surprise him, do not overdo it. Various controversial options, such as his portraits in a strange way, which you need to hang on the wall, or something in the same vein, will hardly please him. Especially if he expects from you a new audio system in the car.

A gift with a frank sexual overtones

Watching what, of course. Very beautiful and sexy underwear, worn on you, will certainly please him, although it is hardly worth considering this as a full-fledged gift. But the dubious gadgets that you dug up at the local sex shop are unlikely.

Gifts that he will hide in the closet

T-shirts with silly inscriptions about how sweet and sweet you are, chains with hearts and everything else that may seem to you sweet, definitely a losing idea. He will not be pleased, even if he tries to portray the joy on his face.