10 things men always lack when it comes to women

Women always smell shampoo, conditioner, perfume, body and face cream. Men love this mixture of pleasant smells.

No matter how much advertising admonishes us that they love only thin and slim, most men appreciate gentleness in women. Big breasts, tender body, which is so nice to cuddle.

Maternal instinct
Nature conceived women as gentle, caring creatures. And men appreciate these qualities very much.

Men adore when women wear bikinis. No matter what they have there with the figure.

Listening skills
Empathy and listening skills are peculiar to women. They give the other person what they need - attention and empathy.

Men are stingy with emotions, but this is more than offset by women's emotionality. And men like it.

It doesn’t matter what a woman’s build is, she can fit so comfortably in bed.

Language of the body
Body language says a lot about the personality of a woman. Her gait, the way she moves. All this fascinates men.

Nothing makes a woman more desirable than a pair of high heels.

Yes, in home clothes women look so cute and defenseless, that they can not be disliked.