Washed and gone: 4 haircuts for different types of hair that do not require styling


With the right haircut and styling products, your hair will look great. Even if you have little time, after washing and drying it will be enough to comb your hair to get an excellent result.

If you have curly hair

You are lucky that your hair is curled by nature - some people spend hours curling their strands. However, curly hair can often be rampant and naughty, so you should tame it out.

Perfect haircut for you - layered shoulder-length. The layers should not be too ragged and short - no less than ten centimeters, with the exception of the strands of the face. If you make the layers short, they will jump out like springs and break the shape of the hairstyle. If you like bold decisions, you can make a short haircut.
@ lakri4kaProfessional masters always cut their curly hair when they are dry. To take into account the behavior of curls and give the hair the correct form.

Your helper: moisturizer for hair styling.

If your hair is thin and straight

Many dream of such docile hair. However, they often look as if they stuck to the head, and without special styling they have no volume at all.

The perfect haircut for you is the bob, which is slightly shorter from the back than from the front. This haircut gives thin hair extra volume. Bangs, which can be diluted to the sides, also helps create the illusion of volume. Most bangs are suitable for those who have a thin or oval face.
@ mainpointsalon Another advantage of a short haircut is that it is easy to wash it every day. This property you will appreciate. The fact is that when you have thin hair, you probably have more hair follicles that sebum out. So, your hair often becomes greasy - and they often have to be washed. Familiar?

You should not grow too long hair. According to experts, as soon as thin hair grows below the shoulders, they almost cease to retain the shape of any kind of styling.

Your helper: spray to give hair volume.

If you have wavy hair

You are lucky, because you really have the opportunity to wash your hair and go - curly hair by themselves looks gorgeous and it seems as if you did the styling for a beach photo shoot.

However, there are some problems with frizzy hair, especially when they do not obey you.

Your perfect haircut is multi-layered. Layers must be of different lengths. This hairstyle will look volume and with it harmoniously, keeping its shape.
@ olgadomyhairIf you have not thick, but thin hair, be careful with too many layers - you need the strands to be heavy enough, otherwise the hair will begin to mercilessly push.

Your helper: silicone serum.

If your hair is thick and straight

Thick, lush hair - how can you not dream of such a thing? Nevertheless, these hairs also have unpleasant features - they can be heavy and tough and cannot withstand styling. And at high humidity such hair often “swells” at the bottom, creating a triangular silhouette.

The perfect haircut for you is long hair (up to the clavicles and below). Length helps hair not to push and keep in shape. It will also look good layering, only the layers should be only a few centimeters above the edge of the haircut. Too short layers will put your hair in the shape of a pyramid again. When making a haircut, professional stylists also often use thinning scissors at the edges of the haircut to remove excess density. Then the silhouette is smooth and harmonious.
@ anyadryagina You should not make stupid cuts - they will make your hair look even more weighted.

Your helper: light gel spray.