5 sure ways to push a man away

To attract a man and seduce him is not easy at all. But push him away, completely destroying his interest in you, easier than ever. All you need is to commit one of these actions.

Try to control him

Men are extremely independent creatures and mind. They can not stand when they are trying to impose something, to force something or force them to do what they do not want. If you try to impose your will on him at once, he will say goodbye to you very quickly.

Care too much about him

He himself is happy to take care of you. And he doesn’t mind if you cook him a delicious soup or iron his shirt. But it’s definitely not worth replacing his mommy. Otherwise, his sexual attraction to you will instantly disappear.

Unreasonable aggression

Have you ever seen women screaming loudly in shops and on the street, in the whole street finding out the relationship with a loved one or screaming at their children? Disgusting sight, is not it? Men do not like this either. Such phenomena can instantly transform you from a delicate beauty into an evil fury in his eyes.

Too frequent tantrums and sensitivity

He, of course, is already a big boy, and his female tears for a long time are not surprising or frightening. At least, if this happens sporadically. But if you cry regularly, and even several times a day, and even without good reason, anyone can drive you crazy. Why are you so with his gentle psyche?


Lack of personal care, especially not cosmetic, but elementary, is a very good reason for a man to lose interest in you. Moreover, dirty hair, stained clothes and bad teeth are quite capable of disgusting you.