6 signs that your man is secretly unhappy

It so happens that everything seems to be good in relationships, but you still cannot get rid of the feeling that something is wrong. Find out what some of these strange signs actually mean.

He is obsessed with electronics

According to a number of studies, people who attach greater importance to their property may be less protected in personal relationships than those who value material things less. However, the fascination with a plasma TV and a tablet in the modern world may not mean at all that a person is unhappy in a relationship. Nevertheless, the opposite can not be denied.

He is silent during the meal

If a man who used to be quite talkative, has been constantly silent lately when you have breakfast, lunch or dinner, as if you have absolutely nothing to say to each other, this can be a disturbing sign. Perhaps he is unhappy in relationships and lost interest in you.

Instead of listening to you, he says: "We have already discussed this."

In a healthy relationship, your man will at least listen to what you say, and not just focus on how annoying and repetitive the argument is. It may seem that he is doing you a favor by refusing discussion, but in fact his behavior may mean that he simply doesn’t care about your relationship, he doesn’t want to spend time figuring out what you're really upset about, how to fix it and how you can work together to solve your problems.

He talks too much about his friend.

Why do you know so much about his colleague at work or a gym friend or any other friend of his, why does he constantly tell you about her? We are not saying that overly enthusiastic friendship with a woman can ruin your relationship. We are talking about something else - this may indicate that something is missing in your relationship, and the man is looking for it on the side. He may not even be aware of it. However, if he feels almost more sympathy for the stories of his friend than for your own problems, this may be a reason to speak with him straightforwardly.

He finds fault with trifles

Does he constantly let go of prickly comments on trifles, as if his goal is to drive you out of yourself? Most likely, he is eager for attention or trying to show you his dissatisfaction with the situation, and therefore resorts to the adult version of twitching by the sleeve. Give this attention to him - but do not fall for provocations.

He spends time with friends more often than he does with you.

Of course, we all have to spend time with our friends. However, putting them in priority is not quite normal in a strong relationship. In a romantic relationship, there is, or at least should be, a deep joy that the two experience, being together and gaining new experience together. If this joy of being together is not there, then it is worth thinking seriously. Perhaps your man just runs away from relationships with his friends. Try to talk to him about it and understand how you move on, so that both of you are happy.