5 signs of a man for whom the woman’s appearance comes first

We all know that men love with their eyes. But each of us wants real sincere relations, so that a partner sees in us not only a beautiful doll, but also a woman with a rich inner world and content. To immediately understand that only your appearance is important to him, just watch how he treats you and behaves.

1. He constantly wants you

This, of course, is good when you are so starting up and exciting a man, but if all your relationships are reduced to one essence, which is called a bed, it is clear that he sees in you only a pretty lady with whom you can have a good time. Nothing serious here and does not smell.

2. He tells you how to dress

A man chooses outfits for you, with the diligence of a specialist, brushing away the improper and leaving what he thinks most emphasizes your figure and appearance. Most likely, he sees in you just a beautiful doll that he wants to dress according to his taste. This is especially noticeable if he chooses you seductive lingerie, too open outfits and breathtaking cleavage.

3. He does not listen to you

When you share your problems with him or talk about something, the man makes a distant look, or, doing his own thing, nods his head in a regular manner. This clearly indicates that your inner world, mood and experiences are not interested in him.

4. He walks with you only in hot places

Namely - night clubs, bars, cafes and restaurants. However, he is not in a hurry to invite you to his home, to meet with friends and parents. You are for him - a beautiful picture, from which it is pleasant to walk by the hand and gather admiring glances of others. “Yes, my woman is beautiful. And for more I did not subscribe. "

5. He does not discuss the joint future.

Just because there is none. Your relationship is something temporary, based solely on biological attraction and limited to bed and sweet conversations. Therefore, it is not necessary to create castles in the air, but to take a sober look at what is happening and not indulge yourself in vain hopes.