The only relationship advice for any woman


So many women say yes to bad men. There are so many women who admit that their man is terrible. They try to work with them and blame him for forgetting how to be a man.

Men who do not just flirt behind your back, but make you a man without pride and self-esteem. We justify it, because the only thing that holds is a destructive form of love. You say to yourself: “I love him as he is,” when in fact your love is a direct reflection of the lack of love you give yourself.

Ladies, if you can't get reciprocal love and devotion, then what's the point? You are worth much more.

Even if he is cute.

Even if he is smart enough.

Even if he looks successful.

Some people will acquit all offenses, including treason. Some console themselves, for it may still have to be determined precisely whether it is in fact incorrect. But emotional infidelity is real and deals a much deeper blow to relationships. He shares the part of himself that he must share with you. His thoughts, dreams, desires and happiness.

You are worth more than leftovers. You are worth more than giving everything that is to a person who gives only occasionally. A real man who loves and loyally invests himself completely in a relationship. This is not just a fairy tale.

Women, settle for less and continue to say “yes” to men who love half. Do not do this.

A person may get annoyed and ignore your requests because he thinks that you want too much.

The man with whom you are afraid to raise the problems that already exist, for fear of "causing drama," but you know that deep down you do not feel 100% safe with him.

Men who act intelligently, avoid, dodge, or pretend they don't understand when you solve problems in your relationship.

Men who resort to silence to manipulate your feelings in a relationship. People who encourage you to solve these problems alone.

Do not dedicate yourself to such men, not in relationships and, of course, not married, because they do not change. And we can only hope for the best.

The man you cared for, who never gave you time in a relationship, will become a person who has even less time for you in marriage.

A man who has boring eyes, when he is near you, will eventually begin to have fun with other women, feeling excited and liberated.

A man who drinks and has fun all night instead of spending time with his woman will be a partner, slowly turning into an alcoholic, and the stress will start affecting the marriage.

Know your value.

It doesn't matter how long you are together. No matter what, no matter what, he continues to return home. No matter what buys you good things. It doesn't matter that you have a child.

What matters is how it makes you feel in a relationship.

If you feel lonely, then leave.

If you are constantly bored, leave.

If you feel insecure and jealous, leave.

If both of you are always angry, please.

Do not trade quantity for quality.

Know your value and never settle for anything less than complete happiness and satisfaction, because it exists. The best things in life usually come to people who accept themselves as they are and pursue what they deserve.