6 constant mistakes of a woman, because of which men do not stay with her

So you are alone, but your friends tell you that you are great! You are beautiful, educated, you have a great job. You do not have only a man with whom you can share all this, and you do not know why.

But if one of your friends dares to be frank with you, then a portion of bile will be poured out unbearable, and the consequences of such a revelation will never be forgiven.

So, 6 points that spoil everything, and are the reasons that you are still a single woman

1. You never shut up about your ex and how he did everything wrong

Maybe he did, and maybe not. Make an effort and move on. Many people never admit their guilt in decay. And even their mistakes in how they coped with the collapse. To pair broke up, do not need two. Requires only one who wants. For any reason. Could be and you are wrong. But you must move on no matter what happens. His life goes on without you. Understand, get help and find your happiness. He was not the last person on earth.

2. You all report to girlfriends.

You allow them to analyze, disassemble, criticize and destroy any hopes for a relationship with a new man.

Even if we do not ask for their opinions, the friends will tell their personal drama, their shortcomings and problems in the relationship, and then project them into us. Only you know exactly what is happening. Do not let them stand in the way of your happiness. They are not there every minute and they don’t see, so stop being weak and start trusting your own feelings about the man. Otherwise, it is not surprising that you are alone. You must be able to make your own decisions, draw your own conclusions and independently change your destiny. It really expands the possibilities.

3. You think you deserve a certain type of man

But the truth is that this type has nothing to do with the qualities necessary in a relationship. You deserve to be well treated, cared for, loved. And surely someone in the world will want to give you more. But nowhere does it say that he must be written about “he is good,” or that he must earn a certain amount of money in order to be happy with him and fall in love.

4. You alternately compare it with other men.

Maybe in the past you had excellent relationships with others, but where are they now? If this relationship were so good, wouldn't you be alone now? And I often hear: “My last one bought me such presents for my birthday, he was so generous, and we traveled and got along so well! He really knew how to treat me! ”This may be so, but he did not want to take on obligations, so he left. Do you really want the chosen one to be compared with everyone else? All comparisons need to be discarded.

5. You are father's princess, and no one can compare with his father

Again comparisons. We all look at the marriage of a father with a mother. Someone will say that it is good, someone - it is bad, but our ideas are based on it. Have you heard the expression "mother's son"? So you can be a father's daughter in the same way and compare how a man behaves with what his father does for you. But your father did not dwell on his mother, and you should not dwell on him. He did not worship his mother as a princess, did not idealize her. It's all in your head. They had a real relationship with all the ups and downs - with all that was supposed to be. But the little princess does not notice this.

Think you can really behave like a princess? Then it needs to be fixed. Of course, women expect that men will treat them like princesses, but nothing good comes of it. Normally, when you just treat well, but to claim the princess - this is nonsense.

6. In romance, act like a boss.

You are your worst enemy. You must learn to be kind, nice and respectful towards the people with whom you communicate. That behavior works in the meeting room, but not in the bedroom. Here men do not want to have affairs with you. Most people want to run away immediately, because everyone needs care and a quiet place to come and relax.