3 stylish gifts that you should ask your husband for instead of a fur coat (and he will buy them)

Men are often forced to wrestle with what to give you something that you will definitely be happy for. Of course, they do not always get exactly what they need. In addition, they do not really want to be banal, and give what you yourself can perfectly buy. Help them - and advise these things that will definitely make you unique.

Selective Perfumery

Selective perfumery is not at all like a mass market. At a minimum, you will not meet your fragrance on every counter girl. This is your personal way to be luxurious and original. And such a gift will be for a man an opportunity to check how well he feels you, and whether he can guess with the scent. How do you think cope?

Designer Clutch

Not only a pleasant, but also a very useful gift. This is probably the best way in the blink of an eye to turn yourself into a very stylish and spectacular woman. After all, it is on what constitutes your handbag, and depends on the presentation of the entire image as a whole. Designer unique clutch immediately make you refined and versed in style, and your image - elegant and expensive.

Vintage decoration

Do not send your loved one to ordinary jewelry stores! It is better to ask him a task, like in a fairy tale - to find for you a unique decoration that is not available to anyone. Vintage jewelry is your own refined style, your view on fashion. With this decoration, you will not get lost in a crowd of faceless, equally dressed women, and amaze everyone with your sophistication.