8 secrets of luxury women, with which they twist the ropes of men

The ideal woman is the one in whose wake men (and not only) freeze, the one who skillfully owns the methods of seduction and knows exactly which strings to pull, so that the man lies at her feet.

1. Smile

A smile, by the way, is an amazing weapon. A woman who is always in a good mood is positive, full of positive undertakings and, most importantly, she is brilliantly smiling, always attracts men like a magnet than the one who is dissatisfied with life and builds herself Tsarevna Nesmeyanu.

2. Knowledge of etiquette

Elementary, good manners and good tone always distinguish a woman from the crowd. Such a lady looks like a queen towering over all. With her, men consider it unacceptable to swear, smoke, and let out scabrous jokes.

3. Wide outlook

A woman must take care of herself not only externally but also internally. Books, films, self-development and increasing your own level of intelligence - all this makes her knowledgeable in many areas of life and a very interesting conversationalist.

4. Fine jewelry

This does not include gold chains with a thickness of two fingers and alyapisty jewelry. Exquisite jewelry - those that skillfully fit into the image and emphasize the beauty and elegance of women.

5. Healthy skin and hair

The main indicators of a luxurious woman are not makeup, manicure and fancy clothes. Health is what gives it true beauty. Shiny hair, well-groomed hands and nails, smooth skin, even white teeth - all this affects men much stronger than neckline and heels.

6. Refined style of dressing.

Follow the fashion trends or dress so extravagant that everyone turned around - stupid. For women, the main thing is to find your own style of clothes. One that will be beneficial to emphasize its individuality and dignity, while hiding the flaws and making it unique and unlike anyone else.

7. Restraint and non-conflict

This quality is truly inherent only to the queens - the ability to remain silent and extinguish the conflict, when necessary. Ideal women are able to control their emotions and are responsible for their own feelings, so they never descend to scandals, tantrums, and showdowns. They are just above that.

8. Self-sufficiency

Gorgeous women are always very wisely suited to relationships with others, especially with men. They never become dependent on other people, being able to find the joys of life in being alone with themselves. They jealously guard their personal space and always put their own desires in the first place, knowing that it is the only way to live a happy and harmonious life.