A life

As you can see, everything is fine with me

I recently met my old school friend. I met absolutely by chance - I wandered around the supermarket and had my side eyes noticed an unremarkable aunt - 30 pounds of excess weight, stretched hoodie, greasy hair, gathered in a “dulka”, no hint of makeup or manicure - in general, the average obabivshiesya middle-aged woman. I noticed that she, too, somehow looks askance at me.

It seemed to dawn on me here, because this is Zoya! The same Zoya, with whom we spent so many years together at the same desk, ran together on dates with the boys and spent the night in turns at each other's friends. Previously, she was the first school beauty - beautiful, slim, with long brown hair and a radiant smile. Now all that remains is a smile, and even then, not at all radiant, but rather kind of forced and sad.

Zoe also recognized me and called out in surprise. Word by word, talk with her. I told her about my husband, family business, two daughters, that we live practically in 2 countries: half a year in Russia, half a year at sea in Montenegro, a house that was recently built, two golden retrievers - my dream childhood. Zoe listened attentively, turning her eyes to the side and looking at the floor.

- Well, how are you? What's up? How's your work? - came to ask my turn.

Zoya startled, revived and rattled.

- You know, I'm fine. I am satisfied with life, I have everything, I do not complain about anything. My husband is good, he works a lot, his hands are golden, he loves me. True, we divorced him 5 years ago. He began to drink, I really didn’t do anything with him — I pulled them out of the pods, and coded, and begged, and begged — all to no avail. And then he began to dissolve his hands and steal money from home. But if you do not consider this, he was good ... And then it turned out that he started a mistress for himself. Yes, no less, he lived now with her, then with me, she gave him a child, and I was naive, everyone believed him when he said that he was working or leaving for the watch. She then came to me straight home, laid out everything, cursed me, said to leave them alone and did not climb into his life. What am I? I did not know about anything ...

Zoe took a breath and wiped the sweat from her brow with her hand.

- We used to have a good apartment, three-room, large, in the very center of the city. So my eldest son was addicted to gambling - he went to the casino, he made bets. I lost so much money there, I got into such debts - just awful. In order to get him out of all this, I had to exchange this apartment for a dormitory, and to repay his debts with the remaining money. But the little room, in principle, is not bad. Small only, the two of them no longer overcrowded, and the house seems to be new, and the walls freeze in winter from the ceiling when it rains. Yes, and the neighbors are not very - cursing, fighting all the time.

I carefully looked at Zoe and listened further.

- And I quit my job. I was the head of the department at the enterprise, for a long time I went to this position, and my salary was good. And after all these incidents with my husband, yes with my son, and with the apartment because of my nerves, my health deteriorated so much that I came down to the hospital for almost half a year. Vaughn, you see, recovered as well as launched, the doctors say, this is all hormonal. So while I was in the hospital, our bosses changed, and they fired me on the sly. I have been discharged - there is neither work, nor my good post. While I got a job as a cleaner, I work for a year, but this, of course, is temporary, I will improve my health and feel better, I will find something else.

Zoe looked me up and down, bit her lip and said:

- And you look good, Natasha. Fashionable, slim, contented life. As you see, everything is fine with me. I'm not complaining about anything. Come on, maybe we'll meet again sometime, chat. Until!