8 features of the behavior of the liars, which they themselves give

To fall for the bait of a liar is always painful, offensive and fraught with very unpleasant consequences. These people are sometimes so skillfully disguised that they are almost impossible to calculate. But yet each of them has certain traits of character, with the help of which you can easily bring them to clean water.

1. They flatter their interlocutors

Speaking ears, humming too much “oil” compliments, surrounding a person with flattery are all successful tricks for those who love to lie. As a rule, all this works fine and affects people, and after such any lie is perceived as the truth.

2. They jump from one topic of conversation to another

This is done very skillfully and professionally: you just discussed one thing, and right there once, another thing. Such frauds easily help to confuse the interlocutor and disguise their own lies.

3. They close off people.

Usually, those who lie say practically nothing about themselves and put up like a barrier from other people. They try to give out as little information as possible about themselves, so that if something happens, they will remove all suspicions and accusations from themselves.

4. They know everything about everyone.

A sort of category of people who inexplicably knows everything and absolutely about everyone. The purpose of this is to collect as much data and facts as possible in order to use this in their own skillful machinations.

5. They make themselves a victim

In order to maximize confidence, to gain pity, compassion and sympathy, liars very skillfully take on the image of the victim. People, as a rule, always feel sorry for such poor things, without even knowing about the trick that might be behind this.

6. They easily change masks

It seems that just before you there was one person, when suddenly he becomes completely different. Liars professionally change masks and roles to adapt to other people and speak untruths, looking with innocent eyes.

7. They memorize the smallest details.

Liars have a well-developed memory. It is necessary for them not to be confused in their own lies and to pierce at the most inappropriate moment.

8. They easily lose their temper.

Somewhere in the depths of their souls, liars understand that deception is far from the best manifestation of their nature. Therefore, they find flashes of anger, irritation and dissatisfaction. And it is not directed at someone from the outside, but at themselves.