Forgive yourself if you cheated on your man

There are no perfect people, we all do wrong things, sin and make mistakes. As for infidelity, it is usually more common for men than for women. But what if you turned the wrong way and changed your husband? How to be, and is it possible to live with it further? We understand step by step.

1. Do not blame yourself

The first step in all this is to accept what you have done. You have already changed, and you can’t help it, you can’t turn back time and fix nothing. You just have to come to terms with your betrayal - no matter how silly it sounds. Most likely, you have developed a tremendous sense of guilt - you need to work it out and deal with it, otherwise it will constantly gnaw you and not allow you to live. It is very difficult to exist with guilt, therefore, one must be able to forgive - including oneself. Another thing is to take responsibility for what you have done and correct the consequences of this.

2. Understand why you changed

So, the first step is passed - you stopped blaming yourself, fully admitted your mistake, now it's time to understand what prompted you to commit adultery. There are many reasons for women's treason, just like for men. Of course, your own reasons to identify and understand much easier than when you cheating on a man.

The most common reason for female infidelity is when a partner is not comfortable in bed as a man. Yes, sex for women is also important, and such things as dissatisfaction and the banal intima shortage can be a good reason to find a lover.

But there are deeper and more serious reasons that are difficult to identify and deal with by yourself, then psychologists or sexologists come to the rescue. For example, a woman deliberately cheats on her partner in order to hurt him. This happens when a man offends a woman and, thus, she takes revenge on him. Or quite rare, but having a chance to be the case — the woman rejects and hates herself to such an extent that through treason she hurts herself — pure masochism. In any case, each of these options must be carefully considered.

Female treason is always a conscious act, that is, a woman changes because she wants it. Therefore, in each infidelity lies the primary reason, which we, without knowing it, can be pushed deeply into the subconscious, just to not admit to it.