5 signs that a woman has fallen in love


How to understand that a man fell in love? Some begin to behave aggressively towards the object of lust, and the behavior of others becomes incredibly stupid. Although each love manifests itself in different ways, there are five sure signs that a woman’s heart is occupied:

You think of him every day

Although weekdays are filled with routine and hassle, but mentally you return again and again to the object of your adoration.

You worry about him

Acute feelings for a loved one - an important component of true love. Together with him you enjoy happy moments and support in difficult situations.

You enjoy just spending time with him.

Life is made up of little things. You feel great next to him not only at the time of publication (at a party, at restaurants, at the club), but also at home.

You know his flaws, but still appreciate a man

Ideals exist only in the fantasy world. Minor flaws that many annoy, become irrelevant.

A woman in love recognizes the authority of a man, she relies on him and shows confidence. There is a classic model of "strong shoulder", on which you can lean and "strong back", for which you can hide from the problems of life.

I really fell in love: how to know that everything is serious

Romantic hobbies are usually limited to a brief affair, after which the couple disperses, like ships in a raging sea. If a woman fell in love with a man, then a deep, strong feeling causes completely different emotions. In this case, the woman begins:

To experience unlimited tenderness for a man

I always want to hug him, hug him, take care of my beloved, do everything to make him feel good with her.

Feel jealous of a man

If envy is a green-eyed snake, then jealousy is a beast with fiery-red eyes. This feeling usually arises because of their own insecurity. Self-sufficient women do not allow the thought that there will be someone better / prettier / smarter. The “moderate” jealousy of the relationship spurs, the destructive and uncontrollable kills them. If a woman is jealous of a man, then the owner has woken up in her.

Make serious, far-reaching plans for a man

If in fantasy colorful pictures of the future come together (wedding, seven shops, happy old age), then the woman “disappeared” and fell seriously in love.

To cause love or make someone fall in love is impossible. Serious feelings do not occur by magic or under the influence of a wonderful potion. They are born from a small seed of affection and grow, grow stronger as a woman recognizes her soul mate, becomes closer to her. By the way, such a popular theory of the two halves was once defeated by Chekhov. He put the shah and max to the conservatives, who profess faith in the principle of "all my life with one person." Chekhov put it succinctly: there are no other halves, there are only different periods of time where you are comfortable with a certain person.

How to understand that a man fell in love

A man loves a little differently. He is supposed to be restrained and serious, so the representatives of the stronger sex more often prove their feelings by deed and not by word.

A man in love takes care of you. For example, if a colleague fell in love with a pretty employee, he tries to help her with her work, treats her coffee, calms her boss after the violence, worries about her state of health.
The man says compliments. For representatives of the stronger sex is unusual to talk in vain. Voicing their admiration for female beauty, they rather make concessions, because women love with their ears.

Man helps you

Helping is not always a sign of falling in love. Perhaps this is just a manifestation of friendly participation. If a man is constantly called to give all possible assistance (to assemble a wardrobe, change the socket, go on a holiday together, if there is no other person) sometimes even to the detriment of himself, then most likely he feeds deeper feelings. It is important to have the initiative. If a man shows it, then behind this lies something more serious than friendship.

Lovers of men show unusual sensitivity and attentiveness. This is especially noticeable at the beginning when the active phase of the process of “winning the heart” of her chosen one begins.