5 ways to get rid of negative thoughts in 5 minutes


Negative thoughts carry some information. They are trying to bring it to you, and often this is not what you would like to think about. These thoughts do not try to tell you that you cannot cope, that you cannot. It is important to understand what really lies behind this negative. Perhaps they are trying to show that you are afraid of something, that you need additional support.

Once you understand where bad thoughts come from, you can get rid of them by removing the source.


One way to stifle bad thoughts is to ask yourself: “What do I choose?”. And then let the options appear before you.

In any situation there is a choice. You can either give in to negative thoughts, or focus on something else. The selection process will help you regain power over your thoughts.

Ask questions

When bad thoughts start overwhelming you, ask them a simple question - “Why?”. “Why will I never achieve anything?”, “Why won't I find my love?”, “Why will I fail?”

Believe me, you cannot find answers to these questions, and bad thoughts will evaporate by themselves.

Take a break

Yes, focus on something else. On their feelings, on the surrounding sounds and smells. Find something that brings you pleasure at the moment. It can be a pleasant smell, comfortable chair, soft clothes. Anything that helps you focus on something positive.


Speaking about the fact that it is necessary to distract something, one can not forget about breathing. Focus on how you breathe in and out, watch your lungs work. This simple breathing can easily help you escape from bad thoughts. Because meaningful breathing is like meditation.

There is a simple technique of four: take a deep breath, count to four, breathe out, counting to four. Repeat four times.

You are much stronger than your negative thoughts, remember this.