These 3 steps in make-up will hide wrinkles around the eyes and make you 3 years younger.

Liquid concealer

When choosing concealer it is worth giving preference to lighter textures. Then he will complete his task perfectly. But from the dense application should be abandoned. Indeed, in this case, the tool, on the contrary, will emphasize all age changes.

Lower eyelid makeup

You can apply shadows on the lower eyelid too. Thus, you would paint the wrinkles as a means and they will not be visible. It is advisable to use a primer under the makeup, so that the shadows lay exactly. That's just not worth choosing dark colors, because they visually make you older.

Light shades

We have already mentioned this point, but it is worth paying attention to this again. Dark shades in make-up will always add you a few years. Therefore, it is better to choose light and shining textures. Especially even if the shadows fall into folds and emphasize wrinkles, light shades will not be as noticeable as dark ones.