18 things to do alone woman instead of finding a new man


Having completed relationships and being left alone, women forget too easily that there is an incredibly interesting world around them to explore. And the fact that there are more people with whom you can meet, make friends and get invaluable experience from them.

Instead of joking or sad about being alone again, there are 18 amazing things you could do right now:

1. Learn a foreign language

Download an application that will help you learn a language, find a contact or use a bilingual dictionary and you will begin to understand foreigners.

2. Move to a distant country for an indefinite period of time.

Come back when you want or do not come back at all.

3. Bring yourself in great shape.

Appreciate your body not only for how it looks with prying eyes. Examine your capabilities, and then go to the goal.

4. Go visit a friend who moved to another city / country

The friend you are constantly talking about. A friend you miss.

5. Learn to play a musical instrument.

Spend an hour training and enjoy how you improve your skills. Create a channel on Youtube if you feel so inspired. Connect with other artists and make your way into a new community.

6. Volunteer

If you are tired of the whole world, start devoting your time to a good work. Understand that there is a whole universe outside of your home that needs your help.

7. Learn to scuba diving, climbing or paragliding

It will make you feel the coolest!

8. Become financially independent (if you are dependent on someone at the moment)

Get a part-time job and pay off your debts if you have them. Understand that money does not bring happiness, but it does bring peace of mind.

9. Do yoga

Become one of those people who pose on Instagram on a cliff side at sunset and feel absolutely confident.

10. Write a book

Write a fantastic novel or memoir. Write a story that has always been your part of life, settled under your skin, because we all have a story that touches you deeply.

11. Spend a lot of time with your parents and loved ones.

12. Open your house to tourists

If you cannot afford to travel, experience their experiences and make friends from all over the world.

13. Learn to dance

Take ballroom or pole dance lessons. Your body should move towards what inspires you.

14. Make repairs to an apartment or a room.

Paint the walls with the color you never decided on. Buy the furniture that you have always seen on store shelves. Now enjoy your space when it is completely yours.

15. Learn to cook

Impress your friends so they want to have you the rest of your life.

16. Practice meditation

Feel alone with your thoughts and listen to what they are trying to tell you.

18. Make yourself your own damn cool companion

There is one interesting and wonderful person with whom you will definitely spend the rest of your life. It is you.