Who is the head of the family: wife - head or neck


After the wedding, the question often arises, who is in charge of the family? In order to avoid conflict situations, newly spouses must necessarily find out who is in charge of the family? Recently, family relationships have changed somewhat, leveling in men and women. The very concept of “head of the family” has changed dramatically. So what has changed, and what remains the same?

How to determine who is in charge of the family?

The head of the family is the person who has a great influence on the rest of the family members. He often makes complex decisions on his own. The head of the family is the spouse who is the obvious leader for everyone. In a family where the obvious leader for all is the husband, the real leader may be his spouse or mother.

To determine who is the head of the family, it is necessary to distribute homework for two. Everyone in the family should do what he does best. Accordingly, due to this, each spouse is equally important. You should not look for a leader, as this will only alienate the beloved from each other. The leader can be not only the husband, but also the wife at the same time. Leadership qualities are manifested when each of the parties is doing what she does best.

If the spouses still want to determine who in the family is the main, you need to arrange a kind of competition. This method is useful and effective both for personal development and for determining who should be the main one in the family.

It is necessary that each compiled a list of all their skills, as well as the schedule of the day. We must determine the date when the competition begins. The meaning of the idea is who will do more work. As a result, the person who did more work is the main thing in the family.

Spheres of family life

There are several important areas of life in which partners are required to interact:

  • Physical. Spouses should spend time together: go for walks, dance, travel.
  • Sphere of leisure. It is necessary to arrange games, recreational trips, to take part in high life.
  • Sexy It is necessary to conduct a dialogue about sex with a partner, to create an intimate atmosphere, to show tenderness and love for each other.
  • Educational field. You can attend various lectures, classes and courses with your spouse.
  • Intellectual. Husband and wife should exchange their thoughts with each other, lead discussions about important things: politics, religion.
  • Emotional. In the family is important mutual support, stimulating personal growth partner. The husband should know that his wife will always support him.
  • Spiritual. Lovers should meditate together, attend church, engage in joint spiritual growth.

Who should manage the household?

In order to find out how to determine who is in charge of the family, you need to find out which of the spouses is responsible for this or that sphere. The material welfare of the family and its moral well-being depend on the ability to run the household. To keep a household means to provide comfortable living conditions for all family members.

The most successful option of housekeeping is when the woman herself sees the mess and eliminates it, and the man, having discovered that the tap is faulty, will repair it without prior requests. The key to a strong family relationship is when spouses evenly distribute all responsibilities for two.

Who should support the family?

There is no specific answer to this question, since it is individual in each individual case. Each family must agree in advance on how to plan to live together. Spouses must share not only domestic but also material responsibilities. Maybe they will be able to agree that the husband will provide the family 100% financially, and the wife will be 100% responsible for household chores.

Who should deal with children?

Harmony is possible only in the family where spouses can find a compromise in all matters. For example, if the husband works and the wife keeps the household, then she may be engaged in raising children. If the spouses both work and share material duties, then nothing prevents them from taking equal part in raising children.

Who should make decisions about recreation and entertainment?

So who is the main husband or wife in the family and who is responsible for leisure? It does not matter who is in charge, as spouses can make responsible decisions together. Strong relationships are possible only if the lovers will talk to each other, discuss important matters, make a compromise. They should talk about their wishes, preferences and find options that would suit the two parties.