13 situations when a man unknowingly warns you about treason


Most of those men who cheat on their women or deceive them in almost everything, try to cover their tracks. Yes, over time, the truth gets out, but before that certain time passes. A woman is not always in such situations can guess about his romance on the side or vile lie in something else.

You will be surprised, but betrayals, inveterate liars and gas-lighters sometimes by their own actions seem to demonstrate their attitude towards their partners. The main thing is to be able to notice such signs.

Here are 13 situations when a man warns you: one day I will make you very, very sick.

1. It all starts with your tiny inner reaction.

She tells you that you cannot trust him. This feeling is annoying and you hope you are mistaken. And he hopes that you understand that these butterflies in your stomach are in fact a warning sign. But in any case, you decide to start dating, because it seems to you that these butterflies are the beginning of love.

2. Your man starts lying to you on trifles.

At first these are trifles, so you try not to think about it. Soon the lie begins to grow. He was not at all where he said. He was not with who he said he was. He did not do what he said. When you ask him about it, he justifies himself so quickly that it is difficult to catch him lying. Excuses come as quickly as the lie itself. Obviously, you are confused. This confusion works in his favor. You forget that inconsistencies are a sign that he cannot keep up with his own lies.

3. He shows you that he is not doing what he says.

He tells you that he will join you at a party you have been talking about for several weeks. He tells you that he will be there every time you ask for it, but there will come a day when he will have an excuse not to be with you. He tells you that he wants to go to this festival, to this museum or to go to a new bar with you, but he still does not invite you. He says he wants to cook for you, to pamper you in the evening, but this evening will never come. He tells you not to worry about a broken door lock. He himself will cope with this, but over the years you realize that this was just an empty promise.

4. Each topic seems to be a cause for quarrel.

You are afraid to speak, because you are not sure of what he can attach to this time. You do not want to seem confused. So you sit and wait for a miracle in silence. Somehow this silence subsides. You think, “Why did he disappear for three days? How could he wait 12 hours to answer me when I asked about our plans for the evening that had been prepared in advance? How could he forget that we had plans? ”You tell yourself that if you were a different person, this would not be a problem. It would not be so difficult.

5. He does not listen to you and does not show interest in what you say.

He forgets what you told him. When you speak, he thinks about his own. When you tell him how your day went, he does not ask questions. He nods, smiles and changes the subject.

6. He pushes you away

You tell him that you feel depressed. You tell him that you feel you cannot trust him. You tell him that you feel an unheard of, disappointed and exhausted anxiety. He says you are unfair. He says it's stupid and you just need to be more appreciative. He says that you over-analyze the situation. He says, “I’m sorry you feel that way,” and he closes you.

7. He plays the sacrifice

When you tell him that he is lying to you, he denies it. So you find proof, and then, one more. In the end, he admits that there may be some truth in your accusations. But then he takes on his own again and says: “I would not have done this if you were not so unreliable. I did it only because you controlled me too much. How did you know that? Are you spying? This is madness. You are obsessed with trying to catch me in a lie. We will never cope with it if you do not trust me. I trust you, why can't you trust me? ”You begin to believe that he is right. Perhaps if you could change everything would be better.

8. He gives you no reason to trust

He does not share his problems with you just as you share yours with them. He tells you only what you want to hear, and since he is good at this game, you really believe him, despite all the contradictory evidence.

10. He ignores your boundaries and instead does what he wants.

You compromise. You say you can do this, but that does not suit you. And he pushes you to it, as long as you agree. After that, you have a question, why were you not strong enough to put your priorities first?

11. You wonder why you cannot be happy with him.

You wonder what is so bad about your relationship. At the same time, you wonder why you put up with this garbage and why it is so hard for him to love you. You feel confused because you think you love him, but you wonder whether the relationship should develop so. Do you really want such love?

12. He does not notice that you are unhappy.

He notices that your soul seems to sink and darken, as every momentary desire to give up becomes more and more. You lie in bed next to him and think: “This is not mine. This is not my home. I do not feel good". And he does not see it. He shrugs off you.

13. He does not react to the fact that you leave him.

In the sense that he is not fighting for you. He does not blame you. He is not responsible for this. And you will tell yourself that you made the right decision as soon as you decide that it is time to move on.