4 main reasons why men are moving away from you

You may have heard a similar scenario: she met a man. He took care of her for a long time, she became closer to him, and then suddenly ... He begins to withdraw emotionally. A woman begins to wonder what she did wrong. He wants to know why men leave and why this happens to her.

Most of the time, when a man moves away, it’s not the girl’s fault. In fact, usually something happens to him.

Do not worry. Suspension is a completely normal process and, at some point, even natural for men.

These are some of the most common reasons why men withdraw when they start falling in love with a woman.

He is afraid of being vulnerable and falling in love

When men catch feelings, they often struggle with it. Why? Because falling in love is scary. When a man falls in love, he must open up and become vulnerable.

Unlike women, many men try to avoid it at all costs. When men move away for this reason, they need time to understand their feelings and find out if they are ready for a relationship.

You need and he starts choking

Very often, a woman requires constant communication with her beloved. He begins to feel uncomfortable and as if cornered.

Everyone needs "his time", even the most beloved man. If he feels that he is choking, he will run away. And this is true.

He's nervous about something

Men do not cope well with stress, and this is partly due to the fact that people around them constantly expect that men are strong and “by all means cope with this.” Many end up either closing or exploding when they are too tense.

Most men distance themselves from everyone when they are overwhelmed by stress, and do not explode in rage and anxiety in front of women.

He rethinks the relationship

If this happens, you will probably notice that this is a slightly different kind of distancing. The man will be colder, and probably more interested in other women. Most likely he would prefer to walk alone or just go about his business.

Both men and women tend to "yo-yo" when they fall in love, and this is more obvious in men than in women. When you first see someone, there is a lot to worry about, to think about, and also to work. Do not go crazy. This is a natural part of love and is absolutely normal.

In most cases, men return when suspended for some time. If they try to break off a relationship, then nothing can be done about it. Regardless of the reason, chasing him is unwise.

You can not make someone stay with you, and trying to prevent someone from leaving was never a wise idea. You cannot change his mind. All you can do is give him the space and freedom of choice that you need to understand that you are worth it. If he does not do it, it is his fault.