10 ways he tells you that he likes you (without actually saying anything)

He always finds a way to talk to you.

He continues to send random messages or cute photos that he found on the Internet to constantly talk with you. And even if your answer is short and somehow shows that you are not in the mood to speak, he still makes efforts to maintain a dialogue.

He will do everything to attract your attention, regardless of whether you are near or far.

He finds time for you

When he makes a note for you in his calendar, it means that you are someone special to him. He devotes the greater part of the week to learn more and amaze with his generosity.

He takes you to places that mean a lot to him, because he wants to share a part about which others do not know. As soon as the time of the walk comes to an end, he will ask if you want to chat with him again.

He tells you about his plans for the future.

You can say that he is serious about his future when his voice begins to sound soft, telling you about dreams. He gives you the opportunity to know what is in his heart. He allows himself to be vulnerable in front of you because he believes he can trust. He feels understood just by being around.

His close friends know about you.

One fine day you receive notifications from people who add you to their “friends” on social networks. You really do not know them, but as soon as you see who is a mutual friend, it immediately occurs to you that he can speak about you to his friends. Some people in his life are already familiar with you ahead of time.

He blushes when he sees you

His cheeks turn red when you are near. You try to ask what happened and see that they blush even more. Because of you, all the blood in the body circulates faster. And even if it is too obvious, he is still very shy to admit it.

He remembers everything you told him

When you complain to him that you have lost something, he knows where you usually put this thing. You are surprised not only by how sharp his memory is, but also by how incredibly accurately he remembers the tiny facts about you.

He never forgets the history of your childhood, of the greatest heights, of all the places that you visited several years ago. He pays close attention to everything you tell him. This is a subtle sign that he likes you a lot.

It smells nice every time you are together

You can not get enough of his cologne. Sometimes there is a feeling that he deliberately uses it every time you meet. You may have accidentally seen it before and did not feel a strong smell. You try to ask him if he constantly uses this aroma, and he just shrugs and smiles.

He likes to make you smile

The guy never makes an effort to make someone smile, if a woman is not important to him. When he continues to surprise you with something that can immediately bring light to the day, it means that he wants to conquer your heart. He fights for attention because he wants you to notice him. He wants to influence your life in the hope that you appreciate.

He protects you from everything

He does not want you to be in danger. He constantly checks you to make sure that you are in order. He cares about your feelings and about not hurting you. In fact, it is not his duty to protect, but he wants to be the first person you call when you have problems. He wants to be the person who alienates you from all problems.

He does not get tired of being with you

No matter how many times you snap at him, ignore or shout, he still treats you well. He comes back because you never disappoint him. He does not get tired of being a part of your life. He does not get tired to make you feel special. And he does not get tired of showing you how much he loves you, even without mentioning it.