4 types of men to whom intelligent women should immediately say no


The men you met over the past few years have the potential, but instead of realizing the potential, they leave painful scars in your life. Worse, it happens to you again and again.

Because you have all the necessary qualities — appearance, energy, and talent — you need to know how to attract an equal person. However, you may be surprised to learn that this is extremely rare. The more perfect a woman is, the less ideal a man will be.

Many women are attracted and fall in love with the imaginary image of what a man can become, and not who he really is. They admit that they were in a similar situation at the time: they fell deeply in love with a man, despite the abundance of alarm signals that were simply obvious. And then, they even gave their chosen one a second or even third chance, only to be with him again and again.

This can cause you both emotional and physical damage, so you must learn to recognize the warning signs. The next time, when a man with one of these personality types is met on your way, you will be able to feel him a mile away.

These types of men are often adorable - they know how to deceive you, thinking that they are true representatives of consistent people. If you have low self-esteem, you can often fall in love with such men and succumb to their tactics.

If you really want to fall in love with a man who will be the perfect partner or husband, stay away from these four personality types among men at all costs.

1. Mr. Chatterbox, which throws away the phrase "I love you"

He has very superficial emotions and connections with other people. One of the features that attracts you to him is how easily he says that he loves you and wants to devote his life to you.

After a few weeks of dating, you will become “the love of his life,” and he will already want to be with you forever. He will throw you gifts, promises and sprinkle you with attention. You will be stunned by how quickly everything develops, but you will also be flattered.

It should be an alarming sign for you, because it is common for normal people to have long-term healthy relationships. An emotionally stable man will wait until he finds out enough information about you before proposing a relationship.

Please note that this type of personality lives in a fantasy world where nothing is real. He has extremely superficial emotions, and he falls in love and just as quickly can fall out of love on a whim.

2. Mr Jealousy and constant control

When you first start dating, you usually do not notice any signs of all the scales of his jealousy. In time, he will become an owner, overprotecting, controlling, and even overbearing.

Your chosen one will do everything in his power to disable your support system and begin to control yourself. He will start by showing you how your friends treat you “badly” and your family just uses you. He wants you to move away from them so that he can increase his control.

It's all about his insecurity. He will also constantly check you and keep track of where you are and who you are with.

3. Mr. Eternally Beggar

When you first start dating, your young man will insist on paying for everything himself. This will give you a false sense of financial security. Gradually, however, he will begin to use you. Suddenly, there will be "small financial problems", and this will be until you become his personal ATM.

Most often he lives in debt. This is complemented by a huge sense of ownership; he spends a lot more of his money. Do not be deceived by those who shower you with generous gifts at the beginning of a relationship. In the end, you end up paying for each of them, and then for everything.

The most regrettable thing is that this type of men will not only leave you with a broken heart, but also with difficult financial difficulties.

4. Mister "I!"

This type of men is incredibly selfish. He is completely obsessed with himself and his image, and it is always about him and never about you.

He will talk about himself all the time, giving you some time to talk. Your role is to make him feel good and not bore him with all the "smallest" details from your life.

He will not stop for a minute to ask himself how his actions affect you. Worse, he will criticize you and embarrass you publicly. And you will witness this egocentrism everywhere. He will be rude to the waiters or run away from other drivers from the road, because he thinks that he is the best thing that ever happened to the Universe.

If you continue to meet with selfish, immature and emotionally inaccessible men like this, again and again, your attitude may change.

You are likely to become so familiar with the model of frustration and a broken heart that you will become a cynic about love. Before you completely give up love, you need to learn how to protect your heart from intercourse with unworthy men who display these “warning signs”.

Often, well-educated women are determined to think that they can change the "bad boys" and help them realize their potential. Unfortunately, if you approach a relationship with such thinking, it will never work. First, a man will take offense at you for not accepting him as he is and for forcing him to change. On the other hand, you will hate him for not becoming the best person for you.

Therefore, you need to change in yourself how you see and appreciate yourself. Only then will you learn to attract decent men and build healthy relationships. Ultimately, when you meet a new person, do not rush things just because he feels so good next to you for the first time.

Even if everything goes fantastically well, wait and make sure that these feelings are genuine. Keep your heart and pockets tightly closed until the person manifests itself. There is no need to hurry. Do not move to a new elect, do not give away your savings and do not make any other long-term plans for the first few months. Enjoy the relationship, but look both ways.