Fashion for the family will always be at the top of values

Family is the most important thing in a person’s life. After all, since childhood, the main moral qualities, the ability to regret and care for others, the ability to help and come to help are laid in us. And only family can teach this and no one else.

In the Soviet Union, the family was given a special important place in the social life of the country. No wonder they argued that the family is a social unit. There were various government programs to support young families, the birth rate increased, a lot of literature and brochures on family life guidelines were published. Divorce was an extremely rare phenomenon, and was severely condemned by society.

Now, in fact, everything remains as well - and there is support for families, and all sorts of programs and talk shows on TV screens help us understand the twists and turns of family life. People did not marry less, they just began to do it in a more conscious age. The realities of the modern world are such that now young people prefer to first stand on their feet, find a permanent decent income, and then get a family and children. And this is reasonable.

The institution of the family as such did not go into being and did not cease to be fashionable. Yes, perhaps now divorcing more often than before, many prefer to be lonely, and someone marries several times. This is due to modern realities and the active imposition of free love, betrayal, beautiful life, etc. from TV screens and mass media.

But do not think that everything is so bad. Who, if not the family, gives colossal support and instills confidence? Who, if not the family, helps to overcome difficulties and move on? Who, if not the family, can give such a reliable rear, that any problem will be on the shoulder? And whoever says no, the time will pass, years will pass, and the family will always exist. Loving parents can give full love to their child only in the family. A woman and a man can assert themselves and find themselves only with the help of a family.

And the most important factor by which the family will always live is love. Love will save the world, stop wars, eliminate evil and help see the bright and the good. It is thanks to love that real families appear in the world in which people find their happiness!