5 best ideas to turn an old coat into a fashionable novelty

With the retreat of the cold, many women begin to yearn. The reason for this is a rather limited selection of warm spring clothes. But even if you have only one old coat, this does not mean that the situation is hopeless. We will tell you how you can give it a new fresh look.

Belt or belt

If you like slim models, you can make it out of any coat. Even if it seems to you that initially it is completely in a different style. Today, you can tie a belt on any style on a completely legal and stylish grounds. A very fashionable idea that is definitely worth trying.

New collar

Luxury coats with a fur collar look very stylish and elegant. But if your coat does not have it, you can add such luxurious detail yourself. And it is not necessary to follow the usual path - you can choose fur of any color, and bright will look even more interesting.

Tippet or scarf

A stylish scarf can work wonders. Firstly, it will make any of your images complete, and your coat will be much more interesting. And finally, this is your opportunity to significantly diversify your spring wardrobe. Each new scarf and stole, as well as different ways to tie it, create more and more stylish new images.

Cross body bag

Another great way to create trendy spring looks is to combine a coat and a regular bag. The ideal option is, of course, the cross body. Firstly, she can become a bright accent if she has a suitable color. Secondly, it will adjust the shape.


Various brooches and other stylish accessories are suitable not only for blouses. On the coat, they look no worse. And most importantly, they can give it a very special look and charm. The coat, which is completely ordinary just a minute ago, will turn into a refined thing that will suit even the most demanding fashionista.