6 shades in clothes that will help you look younger for a few years

Color is capable of much: it can activate the immune system, awaken regeneration, can even have an anti-inflammatory, analgesic and vasodilating effect. And the most joyful - the color can help you look younger and affect your well-being and mood.


Blue color is very refreshing face, distracting attention from signs of fatigue, perfect after thirty - this is an amazing color, able to rejuvenate for several years. It is associated with constancy and thoughtfulness, with harmony and dreaminess, infinity and imagination. One of the best combinations is suggested by nature itself: blue and brown - the two opposites of heaven and earth, the natural beauty of natural combinations.

White color

A color that can not hide and conceal anything in itself, apparently, so we often have confidence in people who wear white clothes. White gives the skin a more even tone, makes the eye rested and radiant, minimizes shadows and circles under the eyes. Accessories with different textures look spectacular with white: necklaces, earrings, bracelets made of silver, gold, wood.

Lavender shade

It copes well with unhealthy yellow and green face. A lightweight and airy hue will create around you a halo of reverie and magic, wisdom and sophistication. It will look great in the top spring clothes. It is best combined with milk, menthol, gold, turquoise and yellow-brown flowers.

Shades of green

The color of spring and nature will emphasize your well-groomed and will refresh your face. It is nobly combined with almost all colors: with tangerine, deep blue, yellow, gray, purple and calm beige. Green color in the wardrobe is characterized by vitality and calm self-confidence. By the way, green perfectly emphasizes the tan - your skin will get a golden hue.


Silver, pearl, pearl, ashen - will make the color of the eyes deep and expressive. Will give refinement and warmth. Gray - airy, gentle, but practical color. It creates around the woman an atmosphere of comfort, dignity and mystery, tranquility and tenderness. This color is combined with almost all colors: with light brown, green, pink. Looks great in knitted products. Gray is perfectly combined with jewelry, especially with silver and pearls.

Shades of pink

The color of young rosebuds and peonies. Pink gives a huge emotional charge. The gentle shade will suit a mature woman - it highlights the face and refreshes the look. Christian Dior said that "pink should be present in the wardrobe of every woman."