In vain tried: 7 places in the house, the cleanliness of which guests will not pay attention

If you are accepting guests on the eve of a celebration or unplanned, you may need time to clean up your house before they arrive. And if you still postpone all the time for cleaning, which you have not even started yet, then the pressure will be very strong. Take a deep breath and repeat after us: you do not need to clean everything up. When you are trying to finish cleaning more quickly, it is more appropriate to focus on areas that your guests will notice and ignore places that they probably will never pay attention to (having crossed their fingers).

We will look at 7 places in your house whose cleaning can wait, thereby saving you time for more necessary tasks:

Master bedroom

Unless you accept a guest who has never been to your home before, and you do not plan on having a great tour, you probably don’t need to clean your bedroom. Of course, it would not be bad to fill the bed and pick up clothes from the floor (you can collect everything in the laundry basket and hide it in the bathroom), but don't even think about cleaning your closet or washing it under the bed. If you leave the door open, perhaps the guests will drop in, but even the most meticulous guest will not look under the bed.

Dusty window sills, ceiling plinths and other small parts

When you have time to thoroughly clean, you probably want to wipe every corner and every crack, taking the time to clean the dust from the ceiling vents and lampshade. But now is not the time. If guests stay overnight, swipe the microfiber cloth over things they notice, such as bedside tables in the guest room, but skip the rest.

Internal content of the cabinet

Again, let's assume that your guests will not be curious to look into each drawer and cupboard in your house, checking for clutter. Instead, focus on the areas they are most likely to see. If you take guests overnight, for example, put your closet in the bathroom or even better, leave a tube of toothpaste and an extra roll of toilet paper in a place that is easy to see so they don’t have to search for them.

Bathroom or shower

If the guests came only for dinner, do not bother to thoroughly clean the shower, but just close the curtain. If you receive guests for the night, it would be nice to spend a few minutes to wipe the tiles and fixtures, but this is not the time for a complete bathroom cleaning.


Guests will not know if you have unfinished laundry while dirty laundry is hidden in a closet or laundry room. One caveat: drop a few things in the laundry, so that you have clean hand towels, bath towels and sheets for your guests. This is one detail that they will notice and appreciate.


If you do not plan to fully engage your guests in the cooking process, you do not need to clean your toaster and kitchen appliances before they arrive. The exception to the rule: if guests stay for breakfast in the morning, you may need five minutes to clean your coffee machine, providing your guests with a cup of fresh coffee. (Hint: make them thin pancakes, and they will love you even more.)

Curtains and blinds

When you have a little time, skip cleaning window coverings. Instead, spend 15 minutes cleaning what the guests are likely to see, for example, the upholstery of the sofa. And if you still decide to clean your blinds, buy a special cleaning brush, which will significantly speed up the process.